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We are always looking for active games to play outdoors.  We enjoy having adults and kids over, mingling a bit, laughing a lot, and maybe even breaking a sweat.  🙂  The challenge is finding a game that can be played by a wide variety of ages.  RingStix,  The Coolest 21st Century Out-Door Game© has become a new family favorite of ours.  It can be played by ages 6-106, is easy to learn, and is LOADS of active fun!


Tell Me More About RingStix

RingStix comes packaged as a 2 player set.  The set includes four plastic “stix,” (2 for each player), and a plastic ring.  The stix are held in both hands, and used to propel the ring to other players, as well as to catch the ring.  RingStix is an exciting,  souped-up, newfangled game of catch.

RingStix come in 3 different sets:

  • RingStix Lite – for players as young as six.  Its stix are a bit shorter and lighter, making them easier to handle for smaller bodies.  The stix are also multi-colored, adding to the fun.  This set can “shoot” the rings up to 30 yards.  All of the components are made of sturdy plastic, and even float, making them great to use on the beach!
  • RingStix Standard– for players 10 and up.  Its stix are a bit longer that RingStix Lite, which allows the rings to be propelled even further – up to 50 yards!  This set also comes with 2 rings: one regular ring, and one glow-in-the-dark ring. Fun!
  • RingStix Pro – for players 10 and up.  It also has longer stix.  These stix have additional grips on the handles for a firmer hold and greater shooting accuracy.  The set includes 2 rings: one regular ring, and one glow-in-the-dark ring.  It also has a carrying bag included.

How to Use RingStix – It’s As Easy As 1-2-3

One of the things I like most about RingStix is how easy it is to learn how to play!  With a few minutes of practice, kids and adults alike can be shooting the rings to other players, or up in the air to themselves.  Here are the basics:

Shooting the Rings


1.  Hold the RingStix in an “x” pattern, with your dominant hand on top.  Your palms should be facing down, and you should be able to read the “RingStix” imprint on each of the handles. 


2.  Place the ring over both of the crossed stix.

Ring Stix

3.  Move both arms outward, shooting the ring.

Catching the Rings

  1. The easier method of catching is to use one stick to catch the ring.  If you miss, no worries, and no need to bend over to pick it up.  Just place the stick in the middle of the ring laying on the ground, and scoop up the ring.
  2. For faster, more advanced play, catch the ring with both stix in “shooting position.”  Immediately shoot the ring to other players.

RingStix Video – See Them In Action!

Our Experience with RingStix

After seeing the video on RingStix website, I have to admit that I was a bit worried that we might never look as skilled at the game as those on the video.  While we aren’t doing the behind-the-back one-handed ring catch just yet, the game was extremely easy to pick up, even for my five year old!  The RingStix packaging it says you can play with only 2-5 minutes of practice – I think that is very true.  Read on to find out why RingStix has won awards from Dr. Toy, Best Toys Guide, the Family Review Center and The Noise on Toys.

Playing RingStix
Playing RingStix

Here’s a quick video of my 5 year old shooting the RingStix with just a few minutes of practice.

That ease of play is a big part of what makes RingStix so fun!  You can start a game with some friends, even friends who have never played, and within a few minutes have everyone shooting the rings back and forth pretty successfully.

Group Playing RingStix
Group Playing RingStix
RingStix and Kids
RingStix and Kids


RingStix Family Game
RingStix Family Game

This same ease of play is what makes it extra fun for kids too. I’d venture to say it also makes it more fun for the senior set too.  🙂

RingStix’s website shows lots of photos of folks playing RingStix in all sorts of places: on the driveway, at a park, on the beach, etc…  we actually used ours in the snow the other day, and that was fun too!  It makes it a little more challenging to find and pick up the ring, but it sure made for a fun winter game.  Our dogs loved chasing and retrieving the rings too!

My 5 year old and I got the RingStix out the other day, and played for about 45 minutes.  We had fun challenging ourselves to each make a certain number of catches.  If we would have had more time to play RingStix, Lila would have wanted us to continue.  She can’t seem to get enough of them!  I enjoyed the time together doing something active as well.  We can’t wait to take our RingStix to the beach on our vacation later this year.  I’ve already made sure they fit in our suitcases!

What Makes RingStix So Great?

  • It’s FUN!
  • We all need to be more active – this provides a fun way to be outdoors, socialize, AND get some exercise.
  • It’s a great way to improve eye-hand coordination.
  • Versatility
    • Can be played alone or in a group.
    • Lots of variations with tricks and different throws.
    • Play different games:  stand in a circle and shoot RingStix to each other, have one ring shooter, and a group racing to catch, practice shooting accuracy with cones, etc…
    • Play at night with the glow-in-the-dark ring.
    • Small enough you can take them anywhere.
  • The Price – RingStix range from $14.99-29.99.

Buy RingStix

You can buy RingStix on their website.  They can also be purchased on Amazon.com.

RingStix on Facebook

RingStix on Twitter


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