Add Science Kits to Your Little Scientist’s Easter Basket

Children really love to figure out the world around them. Kelton loves to test and see what happens, then try to figure out why or how things work.  More then once he has brought me things he has disassembled (alarm clocks, toys etc.), I always worry about the safety of him taking items apart. Thames & Kosmos science and technology kits are right up his alley.

Motors and Generators Kit

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Experimenting Fun with Science Kits for Kids

Thames & Kosmos makes some of the coolest science kits I have ever seen.  Starting with children as young as 5 their kits are incredibly fun and educational. We have the Motors and Generators Kit.  If your child has something they want to learn about but you aren’t sure how to teach them these kits will help! Kelton loved taking the magnets on and off and hooking the cables up in different orders and trying to figure out how to light up the light bulb.

Turning the crank to make blub light up.
Turning the crank to make blub light up.

Grasping a Better Understanding with Science Kits for Kids

After playing with the Motors and Generators kit, Kelton really understood that that are things all round us that use motors and generators. With the full color manual it was easy for him to do the experiments on his own and for us to help him understand them.  This is a wonderful gift for any child, to help them better understand and learn while having a ton of fun. The kit’s contains everything you need to perform the experiments. Just open the box and have fun!

Motors and Generators ready for Easter

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