SmarTrike Spirit 4-in-1 Tricycle…Smart Gift!

Do you have a little one who desperately wants to be like their big brother or sister? I do, my son, Kiks is 21 months old and wants to do everything his 7 year old brother does.  For the most part, this means he hears “no” a lot, that is until we got the SmarTrike Spirit 4-in-1! Now he can “ride a bike” just like his big brother. If you are in the market for a baby’s 1st Christmas gift, then you should check this out!

SmarTrikeI received product to facilitate this post.

SmarTrike Review

When I found out I was going to be able to do a product review of the SmarTrike Spirit I was insanely excited. My little guy is 21months old but TINY… He isn’t even 22lbs yet. He thinks he is a big guy and wants to do everything big brother can but he isn’t big enough for a bike or a trike, so the SmarTrike is perfect!

 Assembling SmarTrike is Easy

When the box arrived Kiks was so excited he kept telling me to open it. I was worried upon opening that it would be harder to put together than expected (I’m not super handy or a mechanic like Dominick Modica),  but guess what? It took me 13 minutes and 28 seconds to put our SmarTrike Spirit together. The only tool I needed was a phillips screw driver and I put it together on my own!

Once it was put together it took me a few minutes of checking it out to figure out all the configurations. It’s very easy to change it around as your child grows.

Check out this little Video clip to see how easy it is.

Touch Steering and More

After checking everything out we were ready to roll. I set it up and left it in the first step since my guy is small. Put him in and adjusted the straps. He loves it. He feels like such a big guy but I know I am in control, thanks to their “touch steering”!

SmarTrike Touch SteeringHe can even reach the cup holder! This makes him very happy.

SmarTrike Review There are a few things I completely love about our SmarTrike Spirit.

  • It’s built to last and because of the configuration options we will be using for a long time. He can easily use this until he is 3 years old.
  • It is also easy to steer, as easy as using a stroller. They call it one hand touch steering design, and I can use only one hand to steer, I think it will be even easier when he weighs more.
  • Guess what is in my trunk now instead of a stroller?! Our new SmarTrike Spirit!

Buy SmarTrike

This would have been a perfect holiday gift for my son. This would also be a perfect 1st birthday gift! So add this easy-to-use long lasting trike to your gift guide.

The SmarTrike Spirit 4-in-1 is available at BabiesRus in pink/gray or blue/red!

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to SmarTrike who provided the product for review.

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