Stuffed Toy Organizer: Cuddle On Inn Review & Coupon Code

Stuffed Toy Organizer Cuddle On Inn

Do your kids have too many stuffed toys and no way to organize them? I have found an adorable stuffed toy organizer for girls with Cuddle On Inn. It is a stuffed toy organizer, display, and playhouse in one!

Stuffed Toy Organizer Cuddle On Inn Review

My daughter has many, many stuffed toys. It has been a problem to store, let alone  display them. We have tried various stuffed toy organizers but they put the stuffed toys out of her reach. There’s no fun in that!  The Cuddle On Inn is an effective way to store and display your child’s stuffed toys, plus, it is a fun way to play with stuffed toys as well!

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The Cuddle On Inn can be mounted to your wall or on a corner for maximum storage and fun.  It is 60″ high, 19″ wide, and 6-1/2″ deep.  My husband put the unit together in just 15 minutes. He was pleasantly surprised at how easy and fast it was! My daughter was so excited to start playing with the Cuddle On Inn! She wanted to play with it like a doll house, which is exactly what it is.  Not only is the Cuddle On Inn a beautiful way to display your daughter’s stuffed toys, but it is fun to play with as well.

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The Cuddle On Inn is a place for all of your stuffed friends to live and play.  There is space for dozens of stuffed animals and toys to hang out and live at the Cuddle On Inn.

I was surprised at how many stuffed toys easily fit in the Cuddle On Inn.  We have two dozen stuffed toys in it currently and have room for more! You place the stuffed toys at each window and also between the wood bars on each side of the stuffed toy organizer.  We have never had a toy organizer that holds as many toys in such an organized way.  We have never had a stuffed toy organizer that allowed my daughter the ability to reach and pick out the toys she wanted to play with. We have never had a stuffed toy organizer that included a playhouse!

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The Cuddle On Inn is a beautiful, decorative addition to any girls bedroom.  It tidies up their bedroom while giving them hours of fun playtime with their stuffed toys and the playhouse. My daughter even sets up her dollhouse toys to hang out by the Cuddle On Inn. The dolls have be known to hang out at the Cuddle On Inn with the stuffed toys as well. She just loves it.

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Buy Cuddle On Inn & Coupon Code

The Cuddle On Inn would make an excellent Christmas present for girls!  Great for birthdays and updating your girl’s bedroom anytime.

You can buy the Cuddle On Inn on the Cuddle On Inn website for just $89.99.  Use the coupon code CUDDLE to receive $20 off – offer only available on Cuddle On Inn website. Tell them sent you! Also available on

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Fragar Toys who provided the product for review.

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