Teach Toddlers Balance with the ZÜM CX Balance Bike Review

Bike riding is such a fun part of being a kid, I loved to ride my bike growing up.  We (neighborhood kids) would ride our bikes everywhere during Summer break and I really do cherish those memories.  Now that J-Girl is coming up on her 2nd birthday we wanted her to start getting ready for a bike as well. Safety was the first thing hubby and I starting talking about when thinking of how to introduce the “art” of bike riding.  We really wanted J-Girl to feel comfortable with her first experience so that next Summer she would really excel at bike riding.  The ZÜM CX balance bike was the perfect tool to help J-Girl with her confidence and help us as parents relax a little about this big event.

ZÜM CX balance bike

Introducing the ZÜM CX balance bike

The ZÜM’s motto is “if you can walk, you can ride” and they are absolutely correct!  The whole concept of the ZÜM balance bike is really amazing and when you see your child use it, and use it well it is such a rewarding experience for both the child and parent!  How does the ZÜM CX balance bike work you ask?  The bike has no pedals so their feet are actually the pedals which teaches the child balance and is very helpful for early coordination skills.  The child uses the “foot to floor” motion to correctly move the ZÜM CX bike without the hassle and anxiety of training wheels. Once the child is comfortable with the ZÜM CX bike the transition to a traditional bike will be much easier and faster since they have been working on balance while using the ZÜM bike.

J-Girl getting some help from Daddy on her first try...she loved it!

Why pick the ZÜM CX bike?

While there are quite a few brands of balance bikes on the market I must say that my experience with this company was excellent!  Besides having an exceptional product, they have wonderful customer service, offer free shipping and are truly in business because they love kids and love to help families find fun and safe activities to do together!

ZÜM CX features:

  • Made of 100% Sustainably Harvested Clear Top Grade Birchwood with Non Toxic Lacquer Finish
  • Frame is reversible to accommodate smaller riders (perfect for early bike riders as young as 18 months)
  • Adjustable Seat Height for either 12 to 18 inches from the floor  (minimizes injuries since less height to fall from)
  • Rubber air inflated tires make for a smooth ride and will last longer than non rubber tires
  • Sealed cartridge bearings for maintenance free, silent and smooth running wheels
  • Red Rubber handgrips to protect little hands and the end of the handlebar from scuffs
  • Comfortable Red Padded Vinyl Seat
  • Patented steering prevents Jack knife accidents which can be dangerous when training on traditional bikes
    Just a few minutes later she is feeling more comfortable with it--notice her pushing daddy's hand out of the way!!

Things I love about the ZÜM CX bike:

  • Very affordable at just $89.99 + FREE shipping on their website!
  • ZÜM bikes are confidence builders for both children and parents
  • lightweight and very compact…J-Girl can pick up her ZUM bike and it fits perfectly in the backseat of our car for trips to grandmas etc
  • simple design-not flashy or high maintenence and I don’t have to buy accessories for it-it is ready to go once built
  • versatile– the seat and frame can be lowered and raised to have a CUSTOM fit for your child throughout the years to come!
  • safety!  I love that this is a safe learning bike so J-Girl will have a positive first bike riding experience (please always have your child wear a helmet!!)
  • GREAT GIFT!  Get your Christmas shopping done early!
If you are looking at balance bikes or maybe are just learning about them here, I urge you to check out the ZÜM CX bike!  We have had so much fun watching J-Girl on it and we are thrilled with how the ZÜM CX balance bike has helped with her confidence, balance coordination and new love for bike riding!  I can’t wait for next summer when she is 3 to see how well the ZÜM CX bike has prepared her for a traditional bike and hopefully without the use of training wheels!?

J-Girl loves her ZÜM CX balance bike! She's off like a big girl!!

Buy ZÜM CX Balance Bike and get more info

Please go to the ZÜM balance bike website to purchase your ZÜM bike with Free Shipping and learn more about their products.  You can also find ZÜM balance bike on Facebook.

Win ZÜM CX bike (Closed)

Updated: 9-13-11 Winner Announced: Heather C.

Yep, the great folks at ZÜM are offering a AOM reader a ZÜM CX balance bike!!! ($89.99 value) Perfect timing with Christmas just a few months away! Enter now to win!! US Mailing address only.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to ZUM balance bike who provided the products for review and giveaway.

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