Turn Off the Screens and Turn On the Fun of Game Night

We are all consumed by our screens – kids and adults alike can’t be pulled from their smartphones, tablets, computers, tvs, video games, and I’m sure I’m missing a few other screens! We are drawn to the instant gratification of screens – and the confirmation of likes and shares of our social media statuses…in all of this, we are missing out on real quality time with family and friends.

Nothing beats one one one, in person fun and communication. There is nothing wrong with communicating online with friends and family but it can’t compare with face to face.  Family time is crucial for families to connect, build strong relationships, communicate and make memories. There is no better way than Family Game Night.

If you are new to game night, I suggest the classics like Monopoly and Pay Day.

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Every kid should learn to play Monopoly.  It is a fun game that teaches a LOT about life, money, decision making, buying, selling, trading, and the value of real estate. This Classic Monopoly version has new tokens! Who can resist Rubber Ducky, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Penguin?! 

Let players pick their favorite token and let the games begin! Just be sure to have a plan if two people want the same adorable token – flip a coin?

Monopoly is for ages 8 and up and can be played 2-8 players – this makes it a perfect game for families large and small – as well as for game night with family and friends.

Purchase Monopoly on the Hasbro website or Amazon.com.

Another fun game for game night is Pay Day. Will your savers and spenders in real life follow the same path in the game of Pay Day?! pay day game review

This is a really fun game to play out especially with kids as you see how they handle money with one another.  My daughter is quite the bargain hunter in the game while my son is a spender! pay day game review

This game teaches kids a lot about real life money and how to save, spend, decision making, and making money. That being said, Pay Day is not all about being educational (kids get enough of educational games and activities inside and outside of school) this game is about having FUN, being silly, and a little competitive with your family. Parents and kids are equal on the board game playing field and kids love that!pay day game review

Pay Day is for kids ages 8 and up and can be played with 2-4 players.

Purchase Pay Day on the Hasbro website or Amazon.com.

Some of my favorite memories as a kid are playing board games with family and friends. I hope that my kids will have similar found memories too. At the very least, I hope that playing games with my kids will continue to keep the open line of communication open with them and that they continue to have FUN with their parents well into and through their teens years and beyond. Getting away from the screens to spend time together with family is important to me and game night is a fun and easy way to accomplish this. Remember – no phones or electronics at the game table!

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