Hot Water in your Horse Barn – How To

Hot Water in the your horse barn is achieved through a variety of ways. You could use hot water in your barn to wash down your animals, scrub equipment, melt ice, or just have on hand to make life easier around the barn.

Hot Water In the Horse Barn Via A Hose

Get Hot Water To Your Horse Barn via HoseConnect your garden hose to your utility room or kitchen faucet (if it has a screw on connector) and drag a hose through the house, out the window, and to the barn.  Prep the hose with enough water to get the cold freezing water through the hose, and bring it to your beautiful equine for either a wash, to clean the stall, or clean equipment.

Pros: Cheap! (unless you need a lot of hose)

Cons: Hose running through your house, open window/door and long startup times.

Hot Water via Bucket to your Barn for Horses

a bucket used to warm up hot water for your barnA second and often tried option is the venerable bucket to move water from home to barn for your horses and other animals.  Starting at the utlity room sink, fill up a utility bucket and haul it from your house to the horse barn to provide hot water for cleaning.

Pros: Ultra Cheap

Cons:Spillage, Your wasted time and energy in moving hot water

Hot Water to the Barn -a small Hot Water Heater

Barn Hot Water HeaterHot water has never been easier in your barn since the advent of the Eccotemp Portable Tankless Hot Water Heater.  Simply connect your COLD WATER garden hose (that you already have near your barn) to the Hot Water Heater, Install a couple of Batteries for the ignition, and connect a readily available propane tank (large or small) to your hot water heater for hours of instantly available, hot water for barn cleaning grooming of barn animals (and to warm your hands!)


a competing manufacturer

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