Installation of the BEST Island Range Hood

picture of BEST IS170 Installed

One of the most important decisions we had to make about our new kitchen was the range hood. My wish list was for a range hood that was powerful and quiet. We’ve had range hoods in the past that were inferior products and our current kitchen doesn’t even have a range hood! We went to the BEST, literally.  I introduced to you Broan-NuTone LLC and their remarkable products earlier. BEST Range Hoods is a brand of Broan-NuTone LLC, offering exquisite, Italian inspired range hoods for your home.

We were delighted to install the BEST® IS170SS Stainless Steel Range Hood in our new kitchen. This is the most breath-taking range hoods I’ve ever seen. Not only is it gorgeous but it boasts features such as Heat Sentry™ that detects excessive heat and adjusts the speed automatically! Let me walk you through the installation of the BEST IS170SS Island Range Hood.

Installation of the BEST IS170SS Island Range Hood

We were fortunate enough to have the assistance of a professional when installing the island range hood. BEST offers guides on how to run ductwork, and other common questions like Can I exhaust my hood into my attic instead of out the roof or wall and How high should I mount my hood above my stove, etc.

picture of Installing BEST Range Hood
Installing BEST Range Hood

The BEST range hood comes in a few different components- the internal framing tower (pictured above in black), the outer stainless steel vent/tower, and the actual fan/filter/light system- oh and the optional glass shelf!  Outside of the duct work which is outside of the scope of this discussion, the internal frame is the first to be installed.

Installing BEST Range Hood

Following the frame, the main stainless steel outer casing is installed over it.  The stainless steel casing comes in two pieces that slide over each other- allowing the overall length of this casing to extend depending on a 8′ or a 9′ ceiling installation.

Installing BEST Range Hood

Once the outer stainless steel casing/trim was installed, we test fitted the fan to make sure it fit where it was supposed to!  The fan component itself was a good 40 pounds, and when the glass shelf was added it was way more-so you only want to actually secure it once.

Installing Range Hood

The glass shelf was a breeze to add onto and over the main fan.  It took a couple of bumpers and now that we’re all done is very secure.

Installing Range Hood

I unfortunately didn’t take the picture of the awkward lift up of the fan and glass mechanism- lifting it up to the proper level and matching the screw holes was a little bit of a dance, and in the end it was executed with three people.  But, the pieces fit right where they were supposed to.

Finally, the electrical connection was made from the wire dropped down through the internal framing/casing and the fan/lights itself.

picture of BEST IS170 Installed
BEST IS170 Installed

We tested out the two-level lighting from the 4 halogen lamps, it really likes up the room. I can’t wait until there is a cabinet and cooktop underneath! We also tested out the 4 speed fan, it is quite powerful but not loud. I can’t wait to test it out for real when my kitchen is installed and operational! I’ll let you know how it works.

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Buy BEST Range Hoods

You can click here to find the nearest location that sells the BEST brand range hoods. In the Akron, Ohio area, you can find BEST range hoods at Kitchen Design Group, MAS, Myers Appliance, Warehouse Cabinets, and Wooster TV & Appliance in Medina.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Broan-NuTone LLC for their ongoing relationship with Check out the great selection of products at

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