Kitchen Designer – Promotion Opportunity!

Do you know somebody who is in the kitchen design business?  I want to share an opportunity for promotion of your design FOR my kitchen – that will be enacted sometime before Thanksgiving!! Hooray! The money/loan(ugh)/timing has finally come into view and we’re ready to hit the ground running!

Nasty Old Kitchen

I know a lot of you have seen photos of my yard and outdoors… You’ve seen my kitchen possibly, but if not, here it is:

Its just HORRIBLE!  The cabinets are circa 1953, Half of it was removed in 1963 with the addition of steps to the second floor ( I wasn’t here, but I heard) and there isn’t room for anything.  I have no idea how I pulled off the National Pillsbury Crescent Cook Award in that LITTLE space a year ago!

And I tore out the carpet in that room a while ago, finding BAD tile I had to pull out too, resulting in nasty concrete.

Beth (another AOM writer) comes over and comments on the ‘temporary foam floor’ that I put down once a month.  She says I’m not very green if I use a throw away floor… Ha! I call it my disposable floor!

Plus THIS kitchen is in the wrong place- there’s no front door to my house (It’s a BAD execution of a Frank Lloyd Wright Concept).  It’s ALL COMING OUT, INCLUDING THE PIPES, and we’re starting fresh!!!

Professional Needed to Design New Kitchen

We are starting with pretty much a blank slate. We have installed Tarkett’s Laminate from their Cross Country division Seagrass Japanese. It’s beautiful and we love it. We also have granite counter-tops coming – no color chosen yet. We also have a beautiful Kenyon Custom Floridian All Seasons™ Built-In Electric Grill  and Lite-Touch™ Control Electric Ceramic Cooktop to fit into the design.


If you have a knock-out design for us I would be happy to present it on our site with information on your company’s business as well. For more details on what we can offer in exchange for a kitchen design, please contact cindyorley


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