Low Price Flooring for DIY Home Remodeling

Low Price Flooring for DIY Home Remodeling

It has been over 2 years since we moved into our fixer-upper home. We have seen a lot of progress and are nearing the end of this project, however there is still a lot to do! If you have followed along in our Home Remodel journey, you have seen us go from room to room redesigning the layout of the house, testing out innovative products, and doing it ourselves (with the awesome help of my father-in-law) all the way.

I’ve recently come across a company known as Floor and Decor that offers low price flooring of all kinds.   Finding the right materials in DIY home remodeling is essential. They have to be products that a DIY person can easily understand and use and they have to be affordable.

Low Price Flooring for DIY Home Remodeling

Master Bathroom DIY Home Remodel

Our next big project will be our master bathroom. I would show you a picture but it would scare you. With the recent election and Halloween, I think we have all had enough scariness for the season. 🙂  Our master bathroom is narrow, outdated, and has no floor to speak of. My dream master bath is spacious with beautiful heated tile floors with a walk-in, large tile shower.  With our first fixer-upper home, we used large ceramic tiles for both the floor of the bathroom, floor of the shower and the shower walls. We mixed in tiles of different sizes and an accent color throughout and it was was beautiful. We even made cut-outs in the wall to match perfectly the size of 1 medium size tile to act as a shelf for our shampoo and soaps.

Our previous walk-in tile shower
Our previous walk-in tile shower

Our new master bathroom remodel will come in time, with a lot of DIY yard work.  We are at the very, very beginning of this project, not even at the planning stages. I started browsing the porcelain, ceramic, stone, tile, wood and laminate flooring options already and have a couple favorites.

The Exotica Cherry Porcelian Plank looks stunning with a hand-scraped surface made to look like actual cheery wood.  I would never put a wood floor in my bathroom but this product allows the look of wood in places you wouldn’t generally put it, including outside and in basements.

Exotica Cherry Porcelain Plank by Floor and Decor
Exotica Cherry Porcelain Plank by Floor and Decor

I also like the possibilities that the Planeta Ceramic Tile gives for a uniquely creative floor.  This could be used in any room of the house including kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and patios.  I think it would be beautiful in a master bathroom!

Planeta Ceramic Tile by Floor and Decor
Planeta Ceramic Tile by Floor and Decor

I know they are 2 totally different looks but I like them both. Which one do you like best?

I was impressed by what I found on the Floor and Decor website, they seem to have the best selection in tiles! I’ve never seen so many options including Porcelain, Ceramic, Travertine, Marble, Granite, Slate, Quarry, Sandstone, and Limestone.  They even have a large selection of wall tiles, perfect for kitchen and bathroom back-splashes and even walls! You can get very creative when you have such a selection to choose from.

Floor & Decor offers free design services 7 days a week to help you plan your next DIY project with confidence.

The prices on flooring looks very affordable, I know because I have purchased flooring for 3 homes now!  Floor & Decor offers Guaranteed lowest prices on hard surface flooring. How can you argue with that? If you have a DIY home remodeling project coming up, check out the selection and prices with Floor & Decor. Don’t feel frightened to buy online, you can get some of the best products and deals by shopping online. I know this because I remodel about 75% of my home with products found online!

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Shop Floor & Decor

You can shop for your flooring directly on the Floor & Decor website or click here to find your local Floor & Decor store.  In Ohio, visit their Columbus, Ohio location.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Floor and Decor. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.

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