We are Transforming an Extra Bedroom into a Bonus Family Room!

How to turn extra bedroom into bonus family room

Our Total House Remodel project continues as we turn an extra bedroom into a bonus family room! It is a project that we’ve wanted to do since we moved in, however it was low on the list after we finished remodeling our main living areas.

At the top of our stairs sits our 4th bedroom. It was an unused rooms – mostly. We stored items in there and our kids played in it but it wasn’t nice at all. It was basically an unused space that we could use better as a bonus family room.How to turn extra bedroom into bonus family room

It had the remaining ‘grandma’ wallpaper from the previous owner still up with awful carpeting.How to turn extra bedroom into bonus family room

We tore out the carpeting to the subfloor. The wall below is the wall facing the upstairs hallway. This is the wall we are knocking out to create an open space for our bonus family room. Our dog, Cali has to be in the middle of all of our activities. :)How to turn extra bedroom into bonus family room

We started ripping off the drywall from inside of the room to expose all of the wiring. My husband rewired everything to the sides of the new open doorway.How to turn extra bedroom into bonus family room

Once all of the wiring was disconnected and/or removed, we allowed our kids to pitch in. They were anxiously waiting to help knocked down some of the wall! My son was especially excited as it was his idea to start the project when we did.How to turn extra bedroom into bonus family room

My daughter also wanted to help  a little too.How to turn extra bedroom into bonus family room

Obviously, we had to remove 2×4’s. We did consult with a contractor to ensure that these 2×4’s were not load-bearing. That isn’t something you want to take chances on.

Once everything was removed, we had a mess! From here, my husband put up new drywall.How to turn extra bedroom into bonus family room

Afterward, I added layers of joint compound and sanded it down until the new walls and existing walls looked seamless – not a quick task!

This is our Bonus Room in progress as of today. Our next step is to paint!

How to turn extra bedroom into bonus family room

Last month, I told you about Ace Hardware’s 31 Days of Color promotion where they revealed a new color of paint everyday along with room inspiration on how to use it in your home. This promotion has me excited about the possibilities this room could hold. It is a blank canvas, just waiting for life to be breathed into it!

Ace Hardware offers two exclusive lines of paint: Clark+Kensington and Valspar. These are the 31 colors that were revealed during the 31 Days of Color….choices, choices, choices!

How to turn extra bedroom into bonus family room

What colors should we choose??

Both brands are excellent choices in quality and coverage with exceptional color choices. We are going shopping this week to determine the colors we are going to use on the walls, ceiling, and trim. I can’t wait to see this room transform from an extra bedroom we weren’t using to a family room that we can relax and enjoy for many years to come!

Do you have an extra bedroom that you would like to turn into a bonus family room?

What’s stopping you from conquering this DIY project in your home? Need a little inspiration? Stay tuned as we reveal our paint color selection, flooring, window treatments, cabinetry and more!

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