WORX Nitro 20 Volt Brushless Jigsaw on Luxury Vinyl Tile

WORX Nitro 20 Volt Brushless Jigsaw

We recently received a WORX Nitro 20 Volt Brushless Jigsaw to test out. It was perfect timing too as we were just finishing up our kitchen flooring project. We chose to install luxury vinyl tile (LVT flooring) for its durability with two dogs in the house and because it is easy to install as a DIYer. That being said, having the right tools makes any DIY home project 100X better.

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For the majority of the project, my husband used a scroll saw which goes up and down but doesn’t get into hard-to-reach areas or corners very well.

The WORX Nitro 20 Volt Brushless Jigsaw is perfect for flooring jobs because it can make any type of cut quick and easy. He truly wishes we had this jigsaw from the beginning of the project!

WORX Nitro 20 Volt Brushless Jigsaw

With an older house, nothing is perfectly level, walls aren’t plum, or straight, so it is nice to be able to easily and quickly make custom cuts! Plus, cutting luxury vinyl tile to fit around steps, corners, island bar legs, fireplace, etc needs to be perfect or it’ll show in the final results.

WORX Nitro 20 Volt Brushless Jigsaw

The WORX jigsaw feels solid while using, you can tell it has power. You can easily create corners or shapes easily with it, and it is very easy to make quick stops. Once we received and started using this jigsaw, our flooring project went quicker than ever.

WORX Nitro 20 Volt Brushless Jigsaw

You can even cut at an angle with this jigsaw. You can make bevel cuts from 0 to 45°, left or right, is quick and easy, using the saw’s tool-free bevel base adjustment lever. The sturdy base plate provides a large contact surface area for stability and control.  Although we didn’t have a need for this, it would have been helpful to use it with the transitions between the flooring and door trim or for future projects.

WORX Nitro 20 Volt Brushless Jigsaw

I love that it is cordless so it can easily be taken to any job task without worrying about having a power outlet within reach or getting the cord in the way of the work.  The 20V battery is long-lasting so you don’t have to wait to charge it while working on projects. It runs 50% longer with 25% more power compared to traditional brushed motors. You can also share other 20V 2.5 Ah MAX lithium power share batteries if you have any. If you have other WORX products like we do, you’ll love that – WORX has about 75 other products that have the same battery – talk about convenience. So, if you are worried about going from a cord to cordless, don’t!

WORX Nitro 20 Volt Brushless Jigsaw
The Nitro jigsaw includes a four-position, orbital action control lever. Increasing the level of orbital blade action creates a faster, more aggressive cut. Generally, high orbital action (setting 3) should be used for cutting soft materials and less orbital action (settings 1 and 2) is required for harder materials. No orbital action (0) is preferred for finer cutting in thin workpieces and metal. The blade is super easy to insert and remove for storage.

The WORX Nitro 20V Brushless Jigsaw (WX542L, $159.99) is available at worx.com and Amazon. A bare tool version (WX542L.9, $129.99), minus the battery and charger, also is available at worx.com and Amazon. Included with the WORX Nitro 20V Brushless Jigsaw is a 20V 2.5Ah Power Share battery, 2-amp 2-hr. charger, one wood-cutting blade, vacuum adapter and carry bag. The saw is covered by the WORX three-year limited warranty.

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