Must Have Travel Essential this Year!


There are only a few things in life that we could consider essential. One being the ability to go to the bathroom wherever and whenever it is needed. Ok, that’s obvious. However, when you are traveling in a pandemic era, that can take some planning.And I have found a little road trip essential item that you should always keep in your glove compartment, hiking day bag, and even your purse. If you need it, you’ll really thank me later!

 TP Kits are simple, convenient, and well-designed 100% biodegradable kits consisting of toilet paper and sanitizing wipes. They are the ultimate road trip essential. TP Kits are useful on road trips, especially when the great outdoors turns into your bathroom while running, hiking, camping or any other recreational excursions.

Whether you are traveling for vacation this summer or a drive to grandma’s, hiking in the woods or camping in a rustic campsite, restrooms aren’t always open, especially during the pandemic. It’s true. This has prevented many from traveling at all, even to visit family a couple hours away. If there is no restroom, what will you do? Ok. So, I”m not saying it’s ok to squat wherever and whenever you need to – that’s just gross and illegal in some situations. However, a little planning is always a good thing!

Whether you’re planning a cabin trip or visiting family, TP Kits is the road trip essential to always keep in your glove compartment!

A box comes with 10 kits. Each kit comes with 5 Tissues, 2 Wet Wipes, Plenty of Features but Zero Waste. They come in a resealable, water-proof package that you can keep with you easily – and even dispose of the yucky tissues/wipes afterward if you don’t wish to bury – as a reminder, it is all 100% biodegradable, but you should always bury if using outdoors.

Lightweight and compact, TP kits are portable to anywhere. They are the one essential item that you may not think about now but will be thankful I told you about, if you buy now and keep them on hand!! You will thank me later if nature calls and you are prepared! They come available in single or 10-packs.


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