Sleep Inn this Daylight Savings Weekend

I like Daylight Savings time when we gain a hour in the Fall but not when we lose a hour like we will this Saturday night. After the whirlwind trip to Hollywood  this weekend, I still feel like I have jetlag. Plus, our puppy, Roxy died in a car accident while I was gone. 🙁 Our home is not the same, our hearts are heavy, and my kids haven’t been sleeping well. Needless to say, I’m not looking forward to losing another hour of sleep on Saturday.

It is even harder to fall asleep while traveling for about 42% of people, they just can’t sleep while traveling. Whether you are at a big and fancy hotel or an affordable one, a hotel room should be accommodating for sleeping, don’t you agree?!

Sleep Inn brand hotels agrees and has renovated their properties with a brand new look and feel that is called Designed to Dream.  From the soft lighting to warm colors, and nature-oriented artwork, Sleep Inn gives their guests restful sleep – no matter where your travels take you, even on Daylight Savings weekend!

MD222_King_Room_3_hiresI like their new look and that they have kept their affordable prices!  The guestrooms are gorgeous with plush bedding that I could just snuggle up in right now and doze off to sleep….

Their overall theme is comfort, including their open floor plan lobby area that includes stylish, comfortable seating areas to work, relax, or socialize.


I also like the Sleep Inn “Dream Tips” that are found across the hotel that say fun things like, “Rest fashionably – wear your socks to bed. They help regulate body temperature for a more satisfying night’s rest.” Hmm, I might have to try that, makes total sense.

As a mom that travels on a budget, I also enjoy all the freebies like free internet, free breakfast, and free parking. My kids love the swimming pools the best!

Find your nearest Sleep Inn for your next getaway.

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