Our Flight on Spirit Airlines from Akron Canton Airport to Vegas #MoreGo

Fly Spirit from Akron to Vegas #MoreGo

We are excited to partner with Spirit Airlines to showcase their affordable air fare for family travel this summer! This was our first flight on Spirit Airlines.We were excited to fly out of the Akron Canton Airport because it is close by and super easy to fly from with easy parking, quick lines, and non-stop flights to Las Vegas!Fly Spirit from Akron to Vegas #MoreGo

This is a sponsored post of Spirit Airlines. I received tickets to facilitate.

Flying Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines offers incredibly affordable non-stop flights from Akron Canton Airport to many destinations including several in Florida, Myrtle Beach, and Las Vegas. What makes Spirit Airlines so affordable is that their fares are fully unbundled, that means you aren’t paying for extras that are “free” elsewhere, you only pay for what you want or need.

For instance, many airlines offer one “free bag” and a personal item. Spirit Airlines offers one free personal item, like my daughter’s new ThirtyOne Going My Way Backpack.
Fly Spirit from Akron to Vegas #MoreGo

The free personal item can be anything like a backpack, purse, or laptop bag that measures no more than 18″x14″x8″.  You can easily place your bags in the provided compartments to see if they fit before getting to the counter.Fly Spirit from Akron to Vegas #MoreGo

They also have scales so that you can weigh your bags as there is additional charges when you have oversized bags over 40 lbs. Our large suitcases easily feel under the 40lb mark – and if they didn’t we had plenty of time to switch items around to a lower weight suitcase.Fly Spirit from Akron to Vegas #MoreGo

We weighed our suitcases at home, just to be sure we didn’t get surprised at the airport but we were happy to see everything easily marked for in case we did go over in weight, we knew exactly how much we would be charged. There are no surprises with Spirit Airlines, unless you don’t read the emails and signage. Fly Spirit from Akron to Vegas #MoreGo

We are headed to the line-free check-in – could flying out of Akron Canton Airport be any easier?! 🙂 By the way, my ThirtyOne New Day Tote also falls within the free personal item size requirements. I had so many things in that bag! Plus, it was perfect for the pool and beach.Fly Spirit from Akron to Vegas #MoreGo

Getting through TSA was a cinch, we didn’t even have to take off our shoes or go through the full body scan machine, only the metal detector. Kids under 12 are always allowed to keep their shoes on and would never be separated from their family during this process.  The lines were short and very quick with friendly TSA employees.

Getting to our terminal was also quick and easy as everything is so close together at Akron Canton Airport – it’s a dream compared to other busier airports!  Fly Spirit from Akron to Vegas #MoreGo

The Akron Canton Airport also has plenty of space for little kids to burn off some energy before their flight at the Step2® PlayPort! My daughter decided to play with her neck pillow while we waited!

We were excited for the flight as it was only the second flight my kids have been on. We had a really nice, smooth flight to Las Vegas. It was just over 4 hours. Drink and food service was offered a couple times, the prices were more reasonable than I expected from $1-15 depending on what you got.Fly Spirit from Akron to Vegas #MoreGo

There weren’t in-flight movies on this flight, which I thought might be a problem for traveling across the country but we came prepared with gaming devices, books, and toys and didn’t miss it at all.  Plus, I liked saving money as that is always an extra cost on other airlines.

Landing in Las Vegas at night was fabulous, especially as we approached the Las Vegas strip. What an amazing sight to see!

I hope you’ll join us for our trip out West, I’ll be blogging and sharing on social media about each day so you can experience it with us!

Book your next flight with Spirit Airlines today. Remember, Spirit Airlines flies out of Akron Canton Airport with direct flights to Las Vegas to get your family on the West Coast as well as to Myrtle Beach and Florida.

This is part of our Kidifornia Family Adventure Series. Follow us live June 17-28th on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and this Blog! We decided to add Nevada to our Kidifornia (California) feature because it offers so much family fun and because of the new direct flights from Akron Canton Airport to Las Vegas on Spirit Airlines!

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