Kidsburgh: Check Out the Art of the Brick

If you are a Lego or art fan, then you absolutely can not miss this exhibit in Pittsburgh, PA (aka Kidsburgh!). In my free time, I love to paint and the kids build with LEGO bricks almost daily, but I had never thought to combine the two. The amazing artist, Nathan Sawaya is the genius behind these bright and bold art pieces and he is an inspiration!

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Famous Art at Art of the Brick

Nathan Sawaya’s way of recreating well-known art pieces is amazing in the Art of the Brick exhibit. It’s like looking at pixelated versions of these famous art pieces. I loved looking at The Great Wave Off Kanagawa, the amount of detail he has been able to include blows us away!  We were all incredibly impressed. I can’t imagine building with LEGO like this.

Life-sized Art Made with LEGO Bricks

Have you seen photos of the Moai sculptures on Easter Island? Well, Nathan Sawaya recreated one of the smaller ones in Lego… It’s amazing. At 1:1 Scale using over 75,000 LEGO bricks, it’s crazy! Kelton and Kiernan thought it was the coolest.

Deep Emotions with LEGO

Sometime I have really deep moments, emotional sometimes raw moments. We all have intense emotions and Nathan has captured some of these emotions in Lego. I can’t even explain the raw beauty, in block form. You just have to see it for yourself!

Build Art

In one section there are photos on the wall, look closely, each photo has Lego blocks in it. My very favorite is the red dress…. it’s extraordinary! Taking something so simple and making it out of the most unexpected medium!

DIY Playtime

After you finish touring the exhibit which is over 100 sculptures, head upstairs and build LEGO model cars, art and more. Trust me, after not being able to touch, your kids will need this outlet! Try your hand at building an assistive device like my children are in the photos below.The Art of the Brick exhibit will be on display at the Carnegie Science Center only until January 2018!

Visit the Art of the Brick: Location and Ticket Information

The Carnegie Science Center is located on Pittsburgh’s North Shore, parking is $5 payable at the pay stations located in the lobby or in the north lot. Ticket discounts are available for Active Duty, Veterans, Teachers and more. Find more information about discounts here.

Current Exhibit hours are 10 am–5 pm, with the final ticket sale for 4 pm visits, except on Thursdays from July 5 through Aug. 30, 2018, when the exhibition hours are from 10 am to 7 pm, with the final ticket sale for 6 pm.

Adults $19.95
Child $15.95
Seniors $17.95
Members visit for $10.95

Carnegie Science Center
One Allegheny Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Pittsburgh, PA 15212

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