Make Positive Changes in Your Life with Healing Waters

Healing Waters, a medical day spa and wellness clinic, first opened it’s doors in 2002 with the intention to help people. It was created upon the vision of providing a place for people to make positive changes in their life.

Founder and owner, Amanda Gorecki, gained experience during her nursing career working in two very busy trauma centers. She saw a lot of suffering that was often connected to a poor self image. The personal pain that many patients experienced was a direct result of poor self care, leading to bad habits. She wanted to create a way to help, so Healing Waters was born.

There are currently three Healing Waters locations: one in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, another in Wichita, Kansas, and the third in Columbia, South Carolina, which is partnered with Palmetto Health Baptist Parkridge to help treat patients at the facility.


Each Healing Waters facility is filled with passionate staff, working together to build personal relationships with clients and inspire transformational change. Healing Waters is a place where clients can go to reduce stress and heal. Each practice encourages people to learn healthier ways of living and help themselves reach their full potential.

The four principles incorporated into every practice at Healing Waters are Calm, Balance, Correct and Restore. At Healing Waters, clients are taught to calm an anxious mind, balance their daily lives, correct bad habits, and restore healthy living.

Growing up close to water, Amanda always found it as a source of peace and strength. This is why water is central to the creation of Healing Waters.

The facilities are designed to be places of sanctuary and retreat; a place to correct imperfections that keep people from experiencing life.


Through encouraging people to be healthy and hold a positive self image, Healing Waters hopes to improve the world as a whole. The mission is to project positivity to everyone around, and make a difference one person at a time.


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