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Portable Charger myCharge AdventurePlus

There is one thing that I never leave home without, my portable charger. While on family outings and adventures, I take a lot of photos and video. My kids use my phone to watch videos and play games while riding in the car. I also use my phone as my GPS system and to keep caught up on work emails. Needless to say, my phone battery drains quickly!  I have heavily relied on my myCharge Adventure portable charger during all our summer adventures this year!

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myCharge Adventure Portable Charger

There are many reasons that I like the myCharge line of  Adventure Portable Chargers. They are POWERFUL chargers that can give you up to 6X battery life for up to 2 USB devices at one time, charging your devices up to 65% faster than other brands!  This line is built for family adventures with insulated and rugged exterior case that is splash-resistant, drop-resistant, and dirt/sand-proof.

I am reviewing the AdventurePlus portable charger.  You can charge 2 USB devices (smartphones, cameras, tablets, etc) at one time with the powerful 6700mAh Lithium Ion battery. This charger gives me essentially 4 extra batteries for my phone!  It is very lightweight at only .43 lbs and as small as my smartphone.  It comes with a carabiner clip to clip to your backpack, belt, or harness but I generally keep it in my purse or belt bag as below in the pockets.

This portable charger has made life so much easier this summer because I always have it with me and we never run out of power. I hate having my smartphone below 25% because it seems like once it hits that level, it drains super fast. While hiking in the woods or traveling far from home, I want to have full power so I can make a call and use my GPS. I never have to worry when I have this portable charger with me. I can use my phone all day and never have to worry about battery life.

I seriously take it everywhere like the fair, beach, pool, parks, and even while running errands around town. To me, there is nothing worse than a phone that is almost dead – I even bought one for my sister because she is notorious for having a phone that is almost dead – all the time. As a single mom with three little kids at home, she needs to have a fully charged phone at all times – for safety reasons alone!

This portable charger can charge two USB devices at one time. Remember, it can essentially fully power up 4 phones, so you have tons of battery life at your fingertips at all times. Plus, the powerbank stays charged for up to 1 year. Since this charger is built for extreme weather conditions, you could even keep it in your car for emergencies both in the summer and winter.

When it is time to recharge the myCharge Adventure portable charger, you can relax because it recharges 50% faster than other brands! Plus, you can still be charging your two devices while you are charging the charger simultaneously.   I’ve

This line of portable charges offers a LOT more than other portable chargers. Sure, you can pick up a portable charger while at the check-out line at the store for cheap, but it won’t do half as much as the myCharge portable chargers!  I’ve used myCharge products for years and can’t get over how fast they recharge my devices and how well they last. I still use the myCharge from two years ago!

You can purchase myCharge Adventure chargers on the myCharge website starting at $29.99. They make great gifts for all ages too.

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