Cedar Point HalloWeekends for Tweens & Young Teens

HalloWeekends is the perfect time to visit Cedar Point with families.  In addition to all your favorite rides, there are plenty of fun fall and Halloween themed activities for everyone to enjoy! It is like getting two attractions for the price of one!

The non-scary Great Pumpkin Fest is perfect for all ages but especially for younger kids with plenty of Halloween fun that won’t scare kids. The Haunt at HalloWeekends is perfect for Tweens, teens, and adults with mazes, scare zones, and shows guaranteed to make you scream. There are 3 NEW haunted experiences for Tweens this year!!

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Cedar Point HalloWeekends for Tweens & Young Teens

First off, I love how Cedar Point is transformed during HalloWeekends into a Halloween and Fall theme with non-scary decor absolutely everywhere. We enjoy checking out the displays because they change every year. We loved the HUGE skeletons this year – they were massive. The decorations set the mood of the amusement park and makes it a fun way to rediscover Cedar Point, even if you know the place by heart like my family does.

Little touches like turning the water into bright green potion and changing the name to Ocean Potion instead of Ocean Motion is clever and fun!

At Cedar Point HalloWeekends, you’ll have access to all the rides you love during the day with additional shows and activities when it turns dark. Some rides close down at dark to make way for the scare zones and mazes, so be sure to grab a map when you arrive to ensure you ride those rides first. No worries, the majority of the rides are still open until they close like any other visit the park.

HalloWeekends is a great time to visit Cedar Point because the weather is cooler making it more enjoyable to walk those 22,750 steps! Yes – that’s the # from our visit this weekend!  The park was full when we visited during opening weekend, however we didn’t have extra long lines at all. There are so many added shows and entertainment that it spreads the people out fairly well. We rode tons of rides during the day so we’d have the after-dark time set aside for the scare zones.

This year, my family is in the in-between stage with an 11 year old and 13 year old – so, is Cedar Point HalloWeekends for Tweens & Young Teens?! YES! We were able to enjoy the best of both worlds – the non-scary kid things like the Great Pumpkin Parade and the NEW Hallo-tween Mazes while also enjoying the scarier attractions too.

In previous posts, I’ve shared how HalloWeekends is fun for kids. Cedar Point does a great job with mazes and attractions that re more harvest themed than scary like Peppermin Patty’s Hay Bale Maze and Woodstock’s Crazy Cornstalks. The Magical House on Boo Hill is a very, very simple yet wonderfully decorated ‘haunted house’ that gives little kids a taste of Halloween fun without giving them nightmares.

The Great Pumpkin Spectacular is a beautifully decorated area of the park that is filled with pumpkins and gourds!  I’ve never seen anything like it!

The pumpkins were used to create images and designs over areas that are normally grass in the summer. They were gorgeous and so creative.

There are more than 1,000 pumpkins that are lit up at night too!

We enjoyed the carnival type booths with fun, spooky themes too. Be careful, after dark, there are quite a few monsters lurking around this area! My tween and young teen enjoyed checking out the decor at night and then experiencing the areas fully once the sun set and the monsters and smoke machines came out!

The decorations set the mood and has us anticipating the sun setting all day while we also discovered new favorite rides and thrills.  It was the first time my daughter rode the Rougarou and GateKeeper, so that made it really exciting! Both were under 30 minutes wait – which I loved!

We rode so many rides, I still feel motion sick!

Heading to Frontier Town is always a lot of fun, especially with their petting zoo. What I really love about Cedar Point is the Big, Giant smiles on my kids’ faces all day long. I love seeing them experience new things like braving a new roller coaster, enjoy feeding llamas, and screaming with me as we run away from monsters! It is such a bonding experience like no other – having fun with your kids. I highly recommend Cedar Point HalloWeekends for families with kids of all ages – tweens and teens will have fun WITH mom and dad when it is something as exciting as this – we need to take it while we can, right?

Some decor is larger than life like our favorite giant – scary but not too scary for little kids but still exciting to visit for tweens, teens, and adults.

On the Celebration Plaza main stage, you’ll find exciting shows all evening long! Starting around 7pm was the Skeleton Crew.

Acrobatic and thrill seeking zombies will amaze and entertain you with a cirque-style show on the stage and above you! This zombie walked the tight rope right overhead and another swung and flipped on a swing over the crowd!

The stunt were fabulous!

There are more Halloween themed shows – some that are family friendly like Skeleton Crew located throughout the park – make plans ahead of time on which ones you must see so you can schedule the rest of the day around the shows – they are top notch entertainment and shouldn’t be missed!

New this year are 3 Hallo-tween Mazes that are perfect for tweens and young teens. We went to Hexed Spellbound – located near GateKeeper.

This walk through haunted house is completely dark as you walk from room to room and around many corners. One or two people in your group will have a tiny flashlight to light the way. My son was the first in our group and let us through the house – it was spooky but so much fun! People jump out and scare you around every corner. I admit that it was scary walking into a pitch black room with only a couple flashlights in the group! It was awesome!

Before our visit, I didn’t know there were special haunted houses for tweens or we would have done the Mystery of Eerie Estate and Zombie Jr. High School maze too, so if you have tweens or young teens (or scaredy cat adults) check them out! – we will next time!!

Our favorite thing to do with tweens and teens at HalloWeekends are the scare zones! We’ve done this since our kids were young and the monsters left the little ones alone – this year, they have flashing necklaces that you can buy to alert the monsters not to scare those wearing it – cost about $10. The scare zones are fabulous because you can walk through them at your own pace with no lines to wait in. Plus, each scare zone has a theme with plenty of fog machines and monsters!

We like the Tombstone Terror-tory a lot because it is Western themed with undead cowboys in FrontierTown. Cornstalkers are lots of fun as you walk through Frontier Trail – the twisting path gives them plenty of places to hide before jumping out to scare you! Blood on the Bayou is another new favorite – we just discovered it this year – it gave me the creeps yet we went through again and again!!!

The tween haunted houses, shows, and scare zones are perfect for tweens and young teens. I’m sure we’ll start discovering the haunted attractions in the coming years once my kids hit their teen years too. I love that Cedar Point HalloWeekends has something for every age group to enjoy. If you haven’t been to Cedar Point for HalloWeekends yet, make plans to to this year. It is an exciting new way to experience Cedar Point!

HalloWeeknds is every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday now through October 28, 2018. Buy tickets online for the best prices!

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