Get the Most Out of Your Summer Vacation

It is Summer, if you haven’t already gone on vacation, you are probably planning one. With limited vacation days, people are trying to make every day count.  My family tries to take a long vacation of 5 or more days once every year or two. During the year, we take a couple 1-2 night getaways within Ohio or nearby.

How My Family Gets the Most Our of Our Summer Vacation

There is always that pressure to have the best vacation, to get the most out of your time away. I wish I could just be the mom that is easy-going and happy to just sit on the beach or at the pool the entire time, but I’m not. Sure, I like to relax by the water but I also want to take in the sights, learn about the area, and enjoy the local attractions and food. I want to be sure my family is getting the best experience possible. To do this, I do a lot of planning with online research and reading a lot of reviews.

As soon as we decide where we are going, I search for attractions, restaurants, and events. I map them out according to where we are lodging. I price them out, then we decide as a family our top choices. This really gets the excitement going!

While on vacation, I already have all the research done so we don’t waste time looking for stuff to do or waste money on places that look good on the brochure but has terrible online reviews. A little planning saves a lot of time and helps my family get the most out of our summer vacation.

Get the Most Out of Your Summer Vacation

When I was growing up, we would take one week-long vacation every year, usually to Florida. That trend has changed. According to Parents Magazine, 56% of families are “vacation dabblers”, people who take vacation days here and there throughout the year. I would classify our family the same way. Even before we had kids, my husband and I would take a vacation day or two off every 2-3 months so we didn’t get burned out. It can be so refreshing to getaway for just a night or two. Another 27% consider themselves “vacation extenders”, those that add on a vacation day to holidays and other days already scheduled off from work and school. That is my family too! Although sometimes it is difficult because too many people have the same idea and attractions seem to be crowded on those days.

Dr. Susan Biali, author of Live a Life You Love: 7 Steps to a Healthier, Happier, More Passionate You gives tips to get the most out of your vacation.

  1. Plan vacations in advance, looking forward to a vacation improves your mood, this is called “vacation anticipation”.
  2. “More-imize” your vacation by using your vacation days to relax and recharge not run errands and work around your home.
  3. Vacation during family obligations – turn road trips into sightseeing opportunities. My family always lived 2-3 hours away from my grandparents and extended families. Sometimes, my parents would treat the family to a dinner out while we were traveling to make it extra special. And, we were allowed to drink our own can of pop during those trips, it doesn’t sound much these days but as a kid, that was super fun!
  4. Stretch vacation budget by staying at a hotel like Embassy Suites that gives you breakfast, snacks, drinks, and extra space in a suite.
  5. Keep post-vacation rejuvenation feeling by creating a photo album or scrap book to look back on to recall the fun and relaxing time you had.

Choosing a Family Friendly Hotel Chain

Choosing a hotel while on vacation makes the difference between a comfortable, relaxing stay and a cramped, stressful one. When families choose Embassy Suites Hotels, they get more out of the money and their stay. The biggest thing that I like about Embassy Suites is that you get an upscale two-room suite – so your bedtime doesn’t have to be the 8pm kids bedtime!

Plus, the cooked-to-order breakfast and nightly Manager’s Reception saves a ton of money on meals while on vacation!  Parent’s Magazine rated Embassy Suites Hotels as one of the 10 Best Hotel Chains for Families of 2012.

We plan to take an overnight trip to Cleveland in July and staying at the Downtown Cleveland Embassy Suites. We don’t often stay in a downtown hotel, so I’m excited to see how my family enjoys staying in the big city. We are looking forward to our stay and doing a little tourist sight-seeing while on our mini-getaway. My son already is exciting about staying in this fancy hotel just by looking at their website.

Embassy Suites “Get MORE Vacation” Contest

picture of Embassy Suites "Get MORE Vacation" Contest

Embassy Suites wants you to get more out of your vacations this year. Enter to win the Embassy Suites “Get MORE Vacation” contest on their facebook page. 5 Lucky families will win a 7 night stay at any Embassy Suties Hotel Plus $10,000 for spending cash.

Simply upload a picture that captures the look of excitement when you finally book your vacation between now and July 20, 2012. Then, share how you get you get the most out of your summer vacation before, during, and afterwards.

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I wrote this review while participating in an Ambassador Program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Embassy Suites Hotels and received a one-night complimentary stay at an Embassy Suites Hotel to facilitate my reviews and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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