Take a Road Trip to Bowling Green #thinkbgoh

Road Trip to Bowling Green

Some towns just have it all. You know, places that you feel instantly comfortable and happy while strolling down the street. You know you’ve found a special place when the people are kind, food is good and there’s plenty to do for days on end.

Some towns have it all, they are designed great, have shopping options, and entertainment options, and reflect the people who live, work, and play there. Layer upon layer, some towns shine brighter, and Bowling Green, Ohio is one of those places.

I like to compare BG to Austin, TX,” says Kat Patterson, the engagement and marketing lead for Visit BG Ohio. College towns seem to always have a unique, special energy that other small towns can’t match, and BG is no different. Bowling Green is full of personality, places to go, and plenty of opportunities for all.

We all know that tourism is different post-pandemic. People are considering everything including gas prices. Don’t fear, you can have an instagrammable road trip close to home when you go on a road trip to Bowling Green. Bowling Green is close enough for a Sunday drive at only about 2 hours from Akron but far enough for a weekend getaway.  If you happen to live in Bowling Green, your in luck because nothing is more fun than taking a couple vacation days to be a tourist in your own town!

Bowling Green has a vibrant historic district for the history buff, full of architecture that will make your grid stand out from the rest. Bowling Green has a thriving downtown with interesting streetscapes are inviting for businesses, residents, and visitors.

Bowling Green is a haven for foodies with exceptional food and drink options at legendary eateries. You’re sure to find a reason to snap a photo to share with your followers.

Bowling Green has surprises around every corning, including murals and walls that make the perfect backdrop for your Instagram feed!

Bowling Green is a college town, so be sure to check out BGSU where you’re sure to find a robot delivering someone’s lunch or a falcon to take a selfie with.

If you love shopping, BG has plenty of unique boutiques and they are proud to say that many of their “mom and pop” shops have been around for generations, including one of the oldest vinyl record stores that have been providing the soundtrack to our lives since 1971!

If the weather cooperates (it is Ohio after all), tour their many beautiful parks, gardens, and trails or cool off at the city’s pool and waterpark.

If you need to take a break indoors, Bowling Green has a number of museums dedicated to local and national history, steam-powered construction equipment, and antique cars of all types.

To get the best out of Bowling Green, spend the night. All BG hotels offer meeting rooms and guests enjoy FREE breakfast and parking.

Located off of I-75 and home to Bowling Green State University, this funky little town in northwest Ohio has always held the authentic spirit of big thinkers and doers. People come to BG for a lot of reasons: reunions, sporting events, festivals and fairs to name a few. When you #thinkbgoh you #thinkfood, #thinkshop, #thinkvenues, #thinklodging, #thinkfun. Find out more at Visit BG Ohio!

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