Ease Into School Time Schedules With A Day Before School Breakfast Party

Years ago I read about a neighborhood that hosted a Day Before School Breakfast Bash. The idea was to help kids (and parents!) ease into the school year schedule with a simple get together. The breakfast was planned around the school bus schedule, giving kids a practice run at getting up, ready, and out the door on time.  I think it also served to alleviate some of the back to school jitters by getting bus stop pals together before the actual first day of school.

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The thing I love about this idea is that it can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be.  The first year I hosted a Back to School Breakfast Bash, I served Creme Brûlée French Toast (find the easy recipe here), and the kids played outside after breakfast.  The second year, one of our neighbor friends hosted, and she served bagels and fruit.  I read that some neighborhoods even host the whole bash in someone’s yard making it easy to host, and easier for folks to come together for just a little bit, and then be on their way.

This year, I think I’ll bring the tradition back to our neighborhood.  Let us know if you do something similar with your friends – we’d love to hear from you!  Share your ideas in the “My 2 Cents” section below.

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