Ultimate Tech Gift – The LG G2 Smartphone

I can’t believe Christmas is next week. I still have shopping to do, many gifts are going to be tech this year. The wish list includes a new game system, tablet, electronic smart toys, computer games, headphones, smartphone apps, and even a TV. We are all tech-savvy these days, aren’t we?! I won’t be able to buy everything on the list but tech gifts always make for happy recipients!

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Sprint. I received product samples to facilitate my review.

One gift that I know would make anyone happy this Christmas is a new LG G2 smartphone! Santa came early for me this year as I’ve been able to test this smartphone out over the past several weeks. This feature-rich smartphone has all the bells and whistles in a slim, stylish design.

The 2.26 GHz Quad-Core Processor makes the smartphone run fast! You can quickly browse the internet at 4G LTE speed while running multiple apps at the same time. Unlike other smartphones, the LG G2 allows you to run multiple apps with the Screen Aside feature. It is similar to clicking between windows on your home computer. This is my favorite feature!

LG G2 Slide Aside

Another feature I like is the KnockON feature. It allows you to tap or knock a couple times to turn the phone on, it’s super fast!

My husband immediately hooked up the LG G2 up to our home entertainment center with the QuickRemote feature. How convenient to have an extra remote with you at all times.

remote The 13-megapixel full HD camera is awesome too! The LG G2 can seriously replace your digital camera without sacrificing quality or features. Here is a picture I took of my back yard today.


It takes clear, vivid pictures, even in low light. Check out this photo I took from the audience, zoomed in at Disney on Ice under low-light conditions.


My kids have also enjoyed playing with my LG G2. They are only 7 and 9, so a little too young for their own smartphone, although my son has requested one. However, I do let them use my smartphone for games while at home or while running errands.

In the past, I have tried to monitor what my kids do on my phone but I can’t look over their shoulder the entire time. Thankfully, the LG G2 has a Guest Mode that allows me to share my phone with other people, like my kids while keeping my content personal and secure. I can select the exact applications that I want my guest to have access to and can change them anytime.  Guest Mode protects my kids because I set what they can do, it only takes a moment for their innocence to be lost with mobile devices.

And it only takes a moment for them to lose my phone and all the personal data on it. That is why I use a passcode to lock my mobile device. Do you? Only about 44% do but it could really save you from having your personal information exposed, including passwords, etc! Setting a passcode is your first line of defense if your phone gets lost or stolen. And if you do lose it, be sure you can locate your phone with an app like Lookout. It can locate your device or lock and wipe the data clean for you if it is stolen! Plus, by setting a passcode, you can protect your phone from being snooped!

Sprint has conducted a Mobile Security Survey with Lookout to reveal smartphone users’ behavior, habits and concerns. Check it out for practical tips that could protect you and your smartphone.

Getting back to the LG G2 that I have been reviewing. Both of my kids enjoy the big 5.2″ HD 1080p IPS display, it just makes everything look so vivid and clear, so it is awesome for gaming!  I like the display screen for ease-of-use for texting, emailing, and internet use. The resolution and expansive screen makes it fun to run any application.

If you are still shopping this week, I’m sure anyone on your gift list would love this new LG G2 smartphone, including yourself!

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