My Daughter’s Experience at Akron ZooCamp

My kids love the Akron Zoo, so they were thrilled to be able to attend the Akron ZooCamp this Summer!  Kids as young as 2 can attend Akron ZooCamp – with a caregiver – and alone starting at age 5. My daughter attended the Rockin’ Reef  – Kids will Journey to the Reef Akron ZooCamp in exchange for this post.

My Daughter’s Experience at Akron ZooCamp

The Akron ZooCamp starts when you drop your kids off at the lower level of the Komodo Kingdom Education Entrance, which is easy to get to with parking right out front.

My Daughter's Experience at Akron Zoo Camp

Upon arrival on the first day, all the kids received their very own Akron ZooCamp 2013 t-shirt, and a small gift from the Zoo Gift Shop like change purses, small animal toys, and color-changing pencils. This put a big smile on all the kids faces!

Zoo Camp for kids ages. I must admit that I was a little reluctant to  drop off my 6 year old to a camp away from mom. I was quickly reassured when I met the teacher, assistant, as well as the 3-5 interns and teen volunteers devoted to my daughter’s class. I was immediately at ease knowing my child would be taken care of and watched.

Akron Zoo Tour During Akron ZooCamp

During this 3-day camp, each day, the kids take a tour of the zoo. Each day, they visited different parts of the zoo with their very own tour guides!

While touring the Akron Zoo, campers were in for a couple treats including a ride on the beautiful carousel.  They also traveled up to the Farm Land where they were able to feed goats and ride the train.

Akron ZooCamp Classroom Time

I sat in on a little bit of classroom time, to facilitate this Akron ZooCamp review. I was surprised at how much the kids remembered from the previous day about the animals they saw.

Akron ZooCamp Review

For instance, on the first day, they visited the tigers and lions. As a recap on the second day, the teacher asked about the actions and behaviors of the animals. The kids remembered that tigers mark territory by scratching trees and Lions by irritating. Male and Female lions stay together while tigers only are together to mate. I didn’t even know that as an adult!

Animal Encounters at Akron ZooCamp

Animal Encounters at Akron Zoo Camp is an exciting way for kids to get up close with animals. Every day, kids get to meet 3-5 zoo animals. During this time, they get to learn all about the animal and then get to pet them.

During my daughter’s Akron ZooCamp experience, she had an animal encounter with the following: chinchilla, bunny, box turtle, star tortoise, leopard gecko, corn snake, ferret, prehensile tail skink, and chocolate millipede.  Other animal encounter animals that your kids could see at Akron ZooCamp include frog, murine toad, call duck, cockroach, armadillo, and sugar glider.

Akron ZooCamp Crafts

Summer camp isn’t complete until you get to have fun with cool crafts! During our experience at Akron ZooCamp, Elizabeth made a couple different bead projects in the shape of coral reef life. She also made a cute picture frame with sea life decorations to frame one of her animal encounter pictures. That is another thing I really enjoyed. They take pictures of your kids during the animal encounters each day so the kids get to take home several pictures of them holding or petting one of the animal encounter animals.

Journey to the Reef

My daughter’s cam was Rockin’ Reef Journey to the Reef. To incorporate this theme, they made reef crafts, watched short educational videos, and took a trip to the Akron Zoo Journey to the Reef.  They were able to learn about the fish, octopus, and jelly fish.

They were treated to an extended session at the Touch Exhibit where they were able to touch the horseshoe crab, sting rays, pin cushion sea urchin and chocolate chip star fish.

Kids are welcomed to bring a camera with them to capture their own experience at Akron ZooCamp. A disposable camera is recommended, however my daughter took an old camera of mine. This made her feel so grown up and she had so much fun snapping shots of the zoo animals and her new friends. I enjoyed checking out what her perspective of ZooCamp was all about through her pictures. Below are a few for you to enjoy as well.

My Daughter’s Experience at Akron ZooCamp  – Amazing! My daughter Elizabeth asked to go back again. This is what she said:

[exceptional-citing quoted=”elizabeth-o.,-age-6″ template=”elegant” date=”” ]Can we go to Akron ZooCamp every day? It’s just so fun! [/exceptional-citing]

Sign up for Akron ZooCamp

Sessions are limited to 15 campers and must be pre-paid. Sign up for Akron ZooCamps by printing this form. Fill it out and either mail it or drop off at Akron Zoo.

Check out my detailed post on all the Akron ZooCamps available this summer.

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500 Edgewood Ave
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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to the Akron Zoo for their ongoing relationship with

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