Boys Valentine’s Day Box Using Fuzzoodles

picture of Fuzzoodles Valentine's Day Box

Tonight, my 1st grader brought home a hand-written note from school saying his Valentine’s Day Box is due tomorrow. Ugh! His party isn’t until next week so I thought I had plenty of time. Last year, our Aluminum Foil Valentine’s Day Box was homemade and fine enough but I wanted to make something a little more fun this year. But, I had no plan and didn’t expect to have to do it tonight! I searched the web for ideas and came across a few boys Valentine’s Day box ideas, mostly of monsters. My husband – the creative one – suggested we use Fuzzoodles to make the monster. What a great idea!

Fuzzoodles Valentine’s Day Box

First, we took a simple cereal box and covered it with construction paper.

picture of How to make a Valentine's Day Box
How to make a Valentine's Day Box

Next, we connecting Fuzzoodles of various colors and wrapped them around and around the Valentine’s Day Box. Then, we added a one-monster eye, arms and feet at the bottom. For the mouth, we used 2 red Fuzzoodles and cut a hole in the middle for Valentine’s Day cards.

picture of Fuzzoodles Valentine's Day Box
Fuzzoodles Valentine's Day Box

We slapped a Feed Me Sign on the top.

picture of Boys Valentines Day Box
Boys Valentines Day Box

I think it turned out really cute. It is a great boys Valentine’s Day Box, it’s cute and yet all-boy with the monster theme. Plus, when Valentine’s Day is over, you can take it apart and still play with your Fuzzoodles!

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