Invite Your Whole Family to Cedar Point for Family Fun!

Cedar Point is delivering more family thrills than ever this Summer with two brand new family friendly rides and more! Plus, it is fun for ALL ages. We went to Cedar Point as a whole family affair and had a blast! My kids loved having their cousins, grandparents, aunt and uncle to ride rides with. Going as a whole family to Cedar Point makes it a brand new experience – family-bounding too! I highly recommend it.


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Cedar Point for Family Fun

Cedar Point introduced two new family fun rides this Summer that thrill seekers young and old are flocking to for fun!

Pipe Scream

First up, the Pipe Scream!!!  What a THRILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spin along a 302 foot track that soars 43 feet high while spinning at speeds of 40 mph!! It’s crazy thrilling!

Fotor0620231828I haven’t screamed or laughed as much on a ride like this in a long time! It is my new non-rollar coaster favorite ride at Cedar Point! Be sure to jump in line, even if the line looks long, don’t worry because it seats so many people per ride that the line moves really fast!

All the cousins had a super duper time on it as well as grandparents. It is great for all ages – basically, as long as you are tall enough and don’t have a heart or medical condition – it is a thrill ride after all!

Lake Erie Eagles

Located right across from the Pipe Scream is the new Lake Erie Eagles. I must admit that when I saw it, I wasn’t too impressed. I thought it looked more like a kiddie ride than a family ride, however I tried it out and LOVED IT! There is way more to it than meets the eye and you really, really need to check it out because you’ll have a blast!


Have you ever wanted to know how it feels to fly?  Ride the Lake Erie Eagles because with this ride, you control the direction (inward and outward) swing of the eagle, making you really feel in control and flying. You’ll be taken up 28 feet above the ground and spun around in a really smooth ride. You control the direction so you can move it and sway around like crazy if you are with a thrill seeker like my daughter! Don’t worry, if you like it easy breezy, it can be as mild as you’d like.

Dinosaurs Alive

Don’t forget about Dinosaurs Alive for family fun at Cedar Point too. This attraction was added just a couple years ago and is just as exciting as the first time. Read my full Dinosaurs Alive review with video. Again, it was so fun to be with the whole family for this attraction. I loved seeing how the older kids interacted with the younger ones, making sure they weren’t scared. They even pretended to sneak up to the dinosaurs so the dinosaurs wouldn’t see them, it was precious!Fotor0620231236

They enjoyed uncovering the dinosaur skeleton in the huge sand pit too! It was a much welcomed time to sit and relax for us all too.

Invite Your Whole Family to Cedar Point for Family Fun!

The family that plays together stays together – that applies, right? Create shared memories that will last a lifetime by inviting your whole family to Cedar Point for unforgettable fun this Summer! It takes just a little schedule coordination but it is well worth it. I didn’t think Cedar Point could get any more fun but with the addition of these two family rides, it was the best ever!

If you want to make it an entire Lake Erie Vacation or long weekend, check out all there is to do with Lake Erie Shores and Islands for a wealth of ideas!

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