CINDERELLA Tale Comes to Life TODAY – Read my Review

The CINDERELLA tale comes to life today in theaters everywhere!

Follow the life journey of Ella (Lily James) and see how her mom’s dying motto to her shaped her into a most beautiful person – inside and out.

CINDERELLA Have Courage and Be Kind
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You’ll hear the this motto, “Have Courage and Be Kind” throughout the movie as it develops Ella into a remarkable young woman as well as with the Prince (Richard Madden). It is a life lesson we could all learn from.

Watch this CIDNERELLA Trailer!

Disney invited me to Los Angeles on an all-expenses paid press trip, in exchange for my coverage. All opinions are my own.

I had the amazing opportunity to fly out to Hollywood to be at the World Premiere of Cinderella earlier this month. It was INCREDIBLE but my favorite part was watching the movie at the El Capitan Theatre along with 24 fellow bloggers and celebrities – including Lily James (Cinderella), Cate Blanchett (Evil Stepmother), Richard Madden (Prince), and many more. I couldn’t wait to share my review and here it is!!


Go. See. It. Today! You’ll love it! Your kids will love it too! The timeless tale of Cinderella has been made more modern – in ideals and empowerment for women. Cinderella is a strong, loyal young woman that our girls can look up to. She didn’t go to the ball in hopes of snagging a prince.  In fact, she lived her life with so much courage and strength that I know she could do anything.

At the beginning of the movie, her life is a picture of happiness with a loving mother and father that would do anything for her. Tragically, her mother fell ill and died. Years later, Ella’s father decides to remarry Lady Tremaine. Even from the beginning Ella can see that she and her daughters were not kind but Ella welcomes them into her life – for her father’s sake. We all know the story, Ella’s father dies – tragic scene – and since Ella is of no use to Lady Tremaine, she becomes their servant.


After one cruel incident where the evil stepsisters rename her Cinderella, Cinderella runs off into the forest on her horse. Within the woods, she runs into the Prince. During this encounter, Cinderella is able to pursued the Prince to not go after the game he and his men were hunting. Her love to animals and her pure heart captured the Prince’s heart – and Cinderella didn’t even know who he was.

Life as a servant goes on but Cinderella continues to “Have Courage & Be Kind” even in the worst of times.

Meanwhile, the Prince can’t get Cinderella off of his mind. His father, the King wants him to marry as he is falling ill but the Prince wants to marry for love – not just for the good of the kingdom, so he persuaded his father to have a ball for him all the women in the kingdom – not just royalty. His father loves him and abides.


The story is essentially the same with the stepmother not allowing Cinderella to go to the ball. They leave and Cinderella’s fairy godmother shows up. The transformation is fun and amazing but nothing compared to Cinderella’s entrance into the ball! It was magical!

Photo credit Disney
Photo credit Disney

The dance was flawless- and what is even more amazing is that it was done in just one take!!
#CinderellaEventFor me, the most exciting part – besides Cinderella and the Prince falling in love – was the de-transformation at midnight! This is a must-see to understand. It’s so fun, creative, and well done.

Yes, the slipper fits in the end and Cinderella- in her rags says another phrase that I’ll never forget – and neither should any of us in life – Take me as I am. She told the Prince that he would have to take her as she is – in her rags, not the fairy tale dress….and he does..

Oh, and this scene is amazing in so many levels. The phrase “Have Courage and Be Kind” is exemplified at the end between Cinderella and the Stepmother. I won’t give it away – but it is heart breakingly beautiful.

CINDERELLA opens in theaters TODAY, March 13, 2015! It is a movie that all ages will enjoy – I’m taking my entire family – including the boys! The prince is such a fantastic role model, as is Cinderella for girls. Find your local theater here.

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