Fun times at the Metro Parks FA Seiberling Nature Realm Playdate

Picture of Kids Petting Snake

We had a great time at the FA Seiberling Nature Realm Playdate last week.  Thanks to all who came out on a rainy day. It was our largest playdate yet with 32 kids!

The education specialist gave a great animal demonstration and the kids had fun learning. I know I even learned a lot that I didn’t know like how to tell the sex of a turtle with eye color and that snakes have poor vision and smell through their tongues.

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Enjoy these fun pictures of the kids during the Nature Realm Playdate!

picture of Snake and Snake Skin at Nature Realm Playdate
Snake and Snake Skin at Nature Realm Playdate
picture of Snake at Nature Realm
Snake at Nature Realm

The kids were not at all afraid to touch the snake!

Picture of Kids Petting Snake
Kids Petting Snake
picture of Box Turtle with Strawberry
Box Turtle with Strawberry

He said not to get in the way of turtles and strawberries as they enjoy them very much. One mom had some with her but today, the turtle wasn’t so interested. Oh well, it was worth a shot!

Nature Realm Exhibits and Animals

After the animal demonstration, we toured the Nature Realm. It’s a fabulous place for families to go year round for fun and educational experiences. The kids love looking through the windows at the various animals on display including snakes, tree frogs, and turtles. Many of the animals on display can be found right in your backyard as they are all found in Ohio. This equals a mission for my son, Elijah who is a true nature lover!

picture of Animal Exhibits at Nature Realm
Animal Exhibits at Nature Realm
picture of Kids Learning About Decomposing
Kids Learning About Decomposing

Kids learn the most when they have more than one sense involved. At this Nature Realm display, kids are learning about how decomposition works with insects, fake leaves, and debris.

Thanks to everyone who joined us at this playdate! If you are interested in attending playdates, check out the next activity under the Activities Tab, click Playdates, then Active Playdates. There is no fee to join the playgroup, send me an email at cindy

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