How to Gamify Your Backyard #LiveLifeOutside

Do you remember how fun it was to play outside as a kid? Our moms didn’t even need to tell us to go outside to play because we LIVED outside, playing in the backyard with our friends and siblings.  We’d play all sorts of games, one of my favorites was neighborhood flag football in our backyard!


Kids today have to be told to go outside and play, yet 92% of parents would rather their kids play outside than inside on video games, internet, etc.  This recent TruGreen study also revealed that 80% of parents wish their kids could play yard games like they did growing up.

If you make your backyard the coolest backyard on the block, not only will your kids want to be outside but so with the neighbor kids!

How to Gamify Your Backyard

Follow these easy tips on how to gamify your backyard with a few key items.

gamify-backyard trugreen

Creativity is key – and it doesn’t take much! A quick search on Pinterest and I found all these Yard Games!

Think back at your favorite yard games and recreate them for your kids. Some favorites nationwide include Kickball, Wiffle Ball, Cornhole, and Frisbee.

I personally think we have the coolest backyard with plenty of space to run and play on the green grass!

DIY Lawn Care vs Professionals at TruGreen

We also have a lot of great things for kids to play on like our playset, a zip line, and trampoline.

picture of Exploring and Climbing the PlaygroundBeyond that, I keep plenty of equipment for yard games! I really enjoy getting on Pinterest to find games to play for parties, playdates, and just backyard fun.

Having a great lawn is also important – nobody wants to play in a yard filled with dead grass and weeds. We’ve been using TruGreen for our lawn services for years. Our guy, Chuck is amazing and have brought our lawn from moss and weeds to what it is today!

P1340087He’s always helpful in creating the perfect solution for our lawn and all its special needs – hills, shade, etc.P1340082Without Chuck and TruGreen, we wouldn’t have the lush, green grass that we enjoy daily! I know because it has come a long way from our first TruGreen visit. P1340081

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