PEEPS in a Basket Peeping on Your Kids

Kids everywhere are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Easter Bunny next week. It is the one time of year that they are given a basket full of sweet treats all of their own. The anticipation can be just too much for kids with visions of chocolate bunnies filling their heads!

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PEEPS in a Basket Peeping on Your Kids

This year, start a fun new tradition – PEEPS in a Basket. PEEPS in a Basket is a way for PEEPS to start peeping on your kids to ensure your kids are well-behaved now through Easter.  The adorable PEEPS Plush will report all his findings back to the Easter Bunny himself!

Our PEEPS Plush loves to hang out with everything Easter related in our home, including the arts and crafts our kids bring home. He knows where to hang out to peep on our kids.

PEEPS® in a Basket

Every morning, our PEEPS Plush finds a new spot to peep on our kids. Sometimes he likes to hang out with bunnies that remind him of “home” in Bethlehem, PA. He’s grown found of my son’s bunny friend that just arrived last week.PEEPS® in a Basket

I like to set out candy in candy dishes for the holidays, including this little Easter Basket candy dish that I have filled with bite-sized individually wrapped  PEEPS Peepsters. My kids know that they can only take one, with permission. Our PEEPS Plush keeps an eye on the candy dish while peeping on our kids.  PEEPS® in a Basket

This new tradition of PEEPS in a Basket Peeping on Your Kids has been a lot of fun. My kids enjoy finding our PEEPS Plush every day. Sometimes he is up high, overlooking both Spring coming into bloom outside while getting a birds eye view of the house and our kids.

PEEPS® in a Basket

Our PEEPS Plush has also found his way into our kids’ bathroom where bickering is often heard! PEEPS® in a Basket

There is still plenty of time to implement the PEEPS in a Basket to start peeping on your kids program this Easter. You can buy a PEEPS Plush on the PEEPS website and at retailers nationwide.

PEEPS in Easter Baskets

Don’t forget to put plenty of PEEPS in Easter Baskets too! If you have a chocolate lover, check out the variety of chocolate PEEPS from chocolate flavored to dipped in chocolate to the Milk Chocolate Egg with PEEPS inside!


Be sure to add the favorite PEEPS marshmallows in a variety of sizes, colors, and characters too. I just love the large white bunnies and the colorful PEEPS pops!P1200747

Read our PEEPS review here with plenty of delicious looking photos of PEEPS up close!

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Peeps who provided the products for review.

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