Summer Crafts with New Elmer’s School Glue Naturals

Now that school is coming to an end, my kids and I will have time again for summer crafts. During the school year, there seems to always be a project for school to do but nothing just for fun. My 6 year old daughter especially likes craft time and anything to do with art! Elmer’s has a new line of naturals school glue that is made primarily from corn.  We were able to try out the new Elmer’s School Glue Naturals for this post. I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Elmer’s. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Summer Crafts

There are lots of summer crafts on the Elmer’s website.  I found a fun craft for a Travel Fun Bag that my daughter and I worked on this weekend.

UsingElmersNaturalGlue (9)

It is a way to get kids excited for an upcoming trip and a way to keep them entertained in the car! This is especially good for long trips. I generally pack special snacks and a couple small new toys and books for long trips. When they start to get antsy, I pull out my secret stash.

Once school is out, we are headed to Put-in-Bay on Lake Erie. It is a great island escape that is less than 2 hours away from Akron! My kids are so excited!  Making the fun Travel Fun Bag craft this weekend made them even more excited! We took an old gift bag and decorated it with a map of South Bass Island, home of Put-in-Bay!

We used the new Elmer’s School Glue Naturals in pourable form to adhere our map to the construction paper and again to the glossy gift bag. Instead of the traditional white, it comes out clear and dries clear. It worked perfectly. The liquid glue is made from 99% natural ingredients like plants that are a rapidly renewable resource.  The bottle is made of 25% post-consumer recycled plastic and the label is made from 20% recycled paper. The ink is even soy!

UsingElmersNaturalGlue (5)

I’m not making this up, my daughter talked about how good the glue was so I asked her to tell us on video!

We made a travel journal too out of construction paper and plain printer paper. We simply folded the papers in half, punched holes on the spine, and added ribbon to keep it all together. We cut out a heart with my daughter’s name and P.I.B. on the front. We used the Elmer’s School Glue Naturals glue stick form for this – again, it worked just fine.  The glue sticks are made from 88% natural ingredients like plants that are a rapidly renewable resource. The glue stick containers are made from 25% post-industrial recycled plastic. The paper is FSC certified and printed with soy inks.

UsingElmersNaturalGlue (6)


Elizabeth can write or draw pictures in her travel journal while on the way to Put-in-Bay, while there and on the way home. This is great for getting kids to practice spelling and writing too!

UsingElmersNaturalGlue (7)

We also created trivia cards to pass time while in the car. We included Put-in-Bay trivia like:

  • Battles took place at Put-in-Bay during what war? a. War of 1812
  • What island is Put-in-Bay village on? a. South Bass Island

We made them pretty by gluing the questions on pretty construction paper too. I have the answers all on an answer key that I’ll keep in my purse during the trip.

I was curious at how well the new Elmer’s Naturals line would perform but both the pourable and glue stick forms work just as well as the traditional versions. Just like Elmer’s traditional School Glue, the Elmer’s School Glue Naturals are safe, non-toxic, and washable.

Also in the Travel Fun Bag, I put a couple snacks, pack of gum, and a little Barbie flip phone with lip gloss. These are just a few fun things to keep her entertained during the drive. If it were a longer trip, I’d also include a small book to read and a small toy like a action figure.

The Travel Fun Bag was a fun summer craft that will be lots of fun for my daughter during our trip. I encourage you to have fun with your kids this summer with summer crafts like these.

And the fun continued on with more glue, glitter, cutting, and drawing! Once I get my daughter started on arts and crafts, it is hard to stop her!

Elmer’s “Pin to Win” Sweepstakes

Calling all crafters! Pin to win with Elmer’s “Pin to Win” Sweepstakes! Share your favorite earth-friendly craft for a chance to win an Elmer’s Naturals Prize Pack and $100 gift card! All you have to do is follow Elmer’s on Pinterist where you’ll find more tips and ideas for all your crafting, building, and fixing. Next, create a pinboard called “Naturals Pin & Win with Elmer’s”. Pin at least 1 pin from each:

  • Elmer’s Projects
  • Terracycle Projects
  • Upcycled Projects
  • Pin the Invitation


Good luck and have fun with all your summer crafts this year!

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