Is Warrior Dash a Woman-Friendly Mud Race?

warrior dash for women

I recently ran the Warrior Dash with Cindy. I did not know what to expect from a mud run. I have ran in other races but feared the obstacles. To my relief, the Warrior Dash held at Clay’s Park Resort was a very woman-friendly race for women (as well as men) of all athletic abilities.

What I was most surprised was how supportive other women were to Cindy and I while we ran and completed the obstacles.

#happimess Warrior Dash

Plus, it was a lot more fun than I expected. I wasn’t even sure if I would complete this particular obstacle in which we have to crawl under barb wire in a pool of mud.warrior dash muddy picture

For one obstacle, we had to climb up a wall to a narrow rope tunnel. Thankfully another woman racer told us how to lay on our backs and pull our bodies through with our arms reached above. We would have never made it if we crawled through it! I even told her not to follow me because I would slow her down and she said, “we are women, we’ve got this!” and Cindy had a similar experience in the rope tunnel next to me.


I was a little reluctant to propel down another step wall using only a rope. Another woman racer that was ahead of me stopped and gave me pointers on keeping my weight and center of gravity back and not close to the wall. This helped me safely propel myself down the wall – something neither Cindy or I had any experience doing!

All in all, we had a fabulous time at the Warrior Dash. We took plenty of pictures to prove it!

#happimess Warrior Dash

We loved the fun and mud but couldn’t wait to go to the Delta Shower Station where we washed up with about 50 other racers! HA! Thankfully we were testing out the new Delta® In2ition Shower Head which is phenomenal.  We utilize both the shower head and the hand-shower. I like that both functions can be used at the same time – we sure did need it!! In fact, I need this in my home with two boys that like nothing more than get messy.

#happimess Warrior Dash

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