How to Have an Unforgettable 4th of July without Overindulging

Holidays are the perfect opportunity to overindulge. Habibi Bath & Body has provided us with healthy tips for an unforgettable 4th of July. Obviously, Independence Day holiday can be a culinary landmine for anyone trying to stay on a healthy track, there is food literally everywhere from parties to food trucks at fireworks displays! Make the best of the weekend without falling completely off the wagon with these tips.

Eat before your leave.

Just like the grocery store, you should never go to a party or picnic starving or you’ll eat everything in site – like buying everything in site at the grocery store when you shop on an empty stomach. “Have a satisfying snack before you leave, and maybe pack a smoothie to sip on the way to your destination.” Karim says the more satisfied you are when you arrive, the more likely you’ll be able to make informed choices about what – and how much – you consume.

Balance your plate.

“For every unhealthy thing you put on your plate, add two healthy choices.” Karim says this trick will help you put your consumption in perspective, and help balance the way your body processes the food. This is a good rule for everyday too – fill up with the healthy stuff while still leaving room for some of the not-so-healthy. My family has a salad at every.single.meal no matter what we are eating to help balance the plate. My kids are teenagers now and expect a salad – whereas before when they were little they would complain. Now, when my kids go to a sleepover or somewhere, they come back and literally say, “there was nothing healthy at all, I”m want some real food” – true story! And, yea, proud mom moment. “Leafy greens, fruits and other vegetables can actually help move heavier foods through your body faster and more efficiently.”

Drink Water

Another good rule of thumb for everyday life! Drink Water. And if you think you are drinking enough water, think again and grab another bottle or cup.

Remember why you came

“There’s a good chance you’re at a social gathering to hang out with family and friends. So do that.” Karim says paying closer attention to the ‘social’ part of parties can help keep your healthy intentions in perspective. “Have fun, laugh, reminisce and relax. You don’t have to consume a massive plate of unhealthy food to do that.”

Take your recovery

“This year the holiday falls on a Sunday, and that means many people will have to return to work on Monday. Time your exit so that you get enough sleep to help your body prepare for the work week.” Karim says that sleep can help balance your digestion, and speed up your recovery time. “Don’t underestimate the power of a good night’s rest. It can make the difference between facing the world wrecked… or completely refreshed.”
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