Check Out FRESH Beef Quarter Pounders at Akron, Ohio McDonald’s!

FRESH Quarter Pounder at Akron Ohio McDonald's Interview with John Blickle

The beef is now FRESH at McDonald’s, including Akron, Ohio! Made when you order, you’ll taste the difference! The burgers are hotter, juicer, and taste better.

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I was able to sit down with the owner/operator of more 26 local area McDonald’s restaurants, John Blickle to get the details on this new food journey McDonald’s is taking their customers on!

Akron Ohio owner operator John Blickle

Between John Blickle and his son, they own 26 stores in the greater Akron, Ohio area, 18 within Summit County. I visited the East Exchange location in University of Akron to learn more about this new FRESH addition to the McDonald’s menu.  Switching to fresh beef, as a response to customer input, has been in the works for the past couple years.

When John told me that all Quarter Pounders and Signature Crafted Recipe burgers are made when you order them, I wondered if that slowed everything down. He assured me that through vigorous testing, they got it right and it doesn’t take longer at all! In fact, the fresh quarter pound patties cook much faster than the former frozen patties which enables them to cook the patties right when customers order them.

Have you ordered from the kiosk inside most local McDonald’s restaurants yet? Ra’Ahre, a crew trainer for the East Exchange location showed me how to order and I love it! You can easily customize any sandwich you want with all the calorie information right on the screen – something McDonald’s has been leading the way in for the past couple years! This is so convenient when ordering for your family because you don’t need to feel rushed or worry you forgot something.

The kiosk is easy to use – and the good news is that Ra’Ahre or another crew member is always there happy to assist you in ordering. Of course, the counter is still an option too. Plus, when you order at the kiosk, your food will be delivered table-side in the dining room! 

I was LIVE on Facebook with Ra’Ahre, if you missed it you can check it out here to see how easy the kiosk is to use here. This is just one way that McDonald’s fits any lifestyle. You can purchase at the kiosk, in person, in drive through, with the McDonald’s app (curb side, drive through, pick up inside or dine-in), and even have it delivered with McDelivery – East Exchange is one of the locations offering delivery!

Personally, I love the table service while dining in! It gives my family a chance to settle in while our food cooks and arrives.

So, does the fresh quarter pounder taste better? Yes! It really does. I was most impressed by the texture which seemed heartier and juicer. You can feel good about giving this fresh burger to your family as it is made with 100% fresh North American beef made with no fillers, additives, or preservatives.

Pair it with their new slushies this summer for a super summertime treat for you and your kids too!FRESH-Quarter-Pounder-at-Akron-Ohio-McDonald's

While interviewing John Blickle, a couple crew members came out to get his autograph. This speaks volumes to me about his character.  John started out with his first franchise in 1977 at the Mogadore, Ohio location – the oldest McDonald’s east of the Mississippi. He has expanded to 26 stores in the area with his eldest son taking over some 7 years ago. John seems like a family man with good business sense.  It doesn’t hurt that McDonald’s triples crew tuition assistance for their restaurant employees through their Archways to Opportunity program AND John gives an EXTRA $1 per hour to his employees for tuition! John Blickle with McDonald's crew Ra'Ahre in Akron, OhioI love that he and our local McDonald’s is active in giving back to the community too. What is especially impressive is their financial involvement in the Akron Children’s Hospital Ronald McDonald House. They recently tripled the capacity of the Ronald McDonald House to help even more families.

John’s wife, Jennifer Blickle is also very involved with the community and will be receiving an honorary doctorate from The University of Akron this year for her longstanding advocacy of students and trustee work.

Stop by your local Akron area McDonald’s to experience first hand the difference the FRESH beef patties make in the quarter pound burgers!FRESH Quarter Pounder at Akron Ohio McDonald's

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