Delicious Low Calorie and Low Carb Ice Cream by Halo Top

low carb ice cream

Looking for a summer-time ice cream treat that won’t mess up your diet? Check out Halo Top ice cream! It is low calorie (70 per serving), low carb (4g net), plus it has an impressive 7 g of protein!  Best of all, it taste great and comes in a number of delicious flavors from the traditional strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate as well as brand new flavors of Birthday Cake, Chocolate Mocha Chip, and Mint Chip!

low carb ice creamI received product to facilitate this post.

Delicious Low-Calorie, Low-Carb Ice Cream

You may think that if it is low-calorie, low-carb, and gluten-free that it must taste terrible. You would be wrong. Halo Top doesn’t sacrifice flavor and taste at all! They use only the finest ingredients including  Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Vanilla, Belgian Callebaut Chocolate (rated “Best Overall” cocoa by Cooks Illustrated Magazine), and organic California lemons and strawberries. The result is a premium ice cream that your taste buds won’t know is healthier for you!

When scooping the ice cream, you’ll notice that the texture is a little different than ordinary ice cream, but it does scoop out in nice scoops and it taste great.

Halo Top is low carb ice cream for diabeticsTo me, the texture is similar to an iced milk, probably because there isn’t heavy cream and fat in this premium ice cream. Once I got past the initial scooping of the ice cream, we loved it. My kids can’t even tell the difference. They don’t know that Halo Top is low calorie and low carb ice cream!

low carb ice creamWe enjoy Halo Top in sugar cones mostly or a few scoops in a bowl. We limit added sugar with syrups but this chocolate Halo Top with chocolate syrup and chocolate chips looks decadent! It is a healthier twist on an ice cream sundae!

low carb ice creamSpeaking of being healthier for you. . .One thing that Halo Top has more of than ordinary ice cream doesn’t is plenty of protein. You may wonder if you really need that extra protein. Well, the short answer is YES, you do.

  • Protein helps you feel more satiated and less preoccupied with food so you eat less calories. You can get protein in your diet in a variety of ways but we think that adding a low-fat, delicious dairy like Halo Top is the most tasty.
  • Plus, protein helps sustain your blood sugar so you aren’t on a roller-coaster ride with a sugar high one moment and a low later on. This is especially important for diabetics that are trying ton regulate their blood sugar levels 24/7!
  • Plus, protein helps you build and keep lean body mass, so yes, protein is good for you, so you might as well get it in the form of delicious Halo Top ice cream whenever you can. 😉

New Halo-Top Low-Calorie Ice Cream Flavors

The new Birthday Cake, Chocolate Mocha Chip, and Mint Chip flavors were just introduced this Summer, so keep an eye out at your local store for these yummy flavors. I can’t wait to try them and neither can my kids! You can purchase Halo Top locally at Earth Fare in Fairlawn, Ohio.

low carb ice cream halo topMy kids like to have 1/2 birthday parties which means we will have a birthday party this Summer for them. I can’t wait to serve Birthday Cake Halo Top Ice Cream! It is perfect for birthdays or any celebration with the rainbow colored sprinkles! It is perfect for my son who has to count carbs because he is a diabetic and for my nephew who eats only gluten-free! Plus, at only 280 calories per pint, it is perfect for all of us watching our calorie intake!

The new Halo Top Chocolate Mocha Chip looks amazing too with the combination of mocha with decadent white chocolate chips! This version is even lower in calories with 240 Calories /Pint!

My family loves mint chocolate chip flavor ice cream, so we can’t wait to try the new Mint Chip that is made with natural mint and delicious chocolate microchips! (240 Calories/Pint)

Low Carb Ice Cream for Diabetics. . .and Everyone

As many of you know, my son is Type 1 Diabetic. In fact, 1 year ago he was diagnosed. I hated our first summer because for him to have any ice cream treat over 15 carbs, he would have to get another shot.

Who wants to give their child a shot in the arm for an ice cream treat?

I cried inside every.single.time.!

I wish I had known about Halo Top!! Each serving is just 4g net carbs!

Halo Top is low carb ice cream for diabetics
Halo Top is low carb ice cream for diabetics

This is unheard of for ice cream! Go ahead, check ordinary ice cream. Most are 20+ carbs per 1/4 cup serving- try giving your child 3 tablespoons of ice cream for a 15 carb treat – it is not fun for anyone.

low carb ice cream halo topNow, my son has an insulin pump, so he can have treats more easily but we do count every single carb that enters his body so that he can get insulin to cover it.

Thankfully, Halo Top ice cream is a healthier ice cream treat that we all can enjoy -anytime!

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