New PackIt Insulated Lunch Bags for Healthy Lunches Anytime, Anywhere

How does your child’s lunch box look? It is about this time of year that they are starting to look pretty worn or worse. I’m a “lunch mom” and have seen awful lunch boxes, some with mold and others are now brown inside when they were white. YUCK!

It’s time to upgrade to the only lunch bag that will keep your foods and drinks cool for up to 10 hours! PackIt is the lunch bag that my family uses year-round to pack healthy lunches and food for school, vacation, and trips in the car.

As a “lunch mom”, I have opened way too many yogurts that are lukewarm and too seen too many questionable lunches. Maybe moms just don’t know that the little ice packs don’t keep their children’s food cold. At best, they keep their food cool for a couple hours only.

Insulated Lunch Bag for Healthy Lunches Anytime, Anywhere

PackIt bags are amazing, they keep food and drinks refrigerator cold for up to 10 hours.


We’ve even taken drinks and popsicles to the beach in them!!   They allow me to pack healthier lunches and drinks for my kids and family. Plus, if they don’t finish their sandwich, yogurt, or fruit, they can bring it home and it is still cold. I love that it saves money and reduces wasted food!

Now, PackIt has new and improved designs and styles for men, women, and children. They have a style and color scheme for everyone. New Pack It Insulated Lunch Bag

I received product to facilitate this post.

My kids have been using the original lunch bags from PackIt for a couple years now and they still work and are in great shape! We were excited to try their new styles and are so impressed.

My daughter has the Carryall Lunch Bag – and boy can it carry it all! It measures 8″ H x 11.5″ W so it can store and keep a lot of food cold! It even has an outside pocket for personal items or utensils.

New Pack It Insulated Lunch Bag

I usually pack a bento size container for her lunch – other lunch boxes are too small for them but the Carryall is a perfect fit – with room to spare!New Pack It Insulated Lunch Bag

deluxeMy son was able to review the ultra manly Camo bag in the Deluxe size. This bag is large enough to feed even the hardiest appetite with a large lunch and then come – great for men especially! It would also be great for packing snacks or lunch for a couple kids while on an outing.

We even packed bottles of water and popsicles while on Spring Break at Virgina Beach this week. I’d never go on vacation without my PackIts!


It measures 10″ H x 8.5″ W but still fits great in my son’s backpack. Elijah normally has a bento style lunch container in his bag and a bottle of water, there is plenty of room and then some for it all! Other bags are difficult to fit bottled water in!

I really like all the new color schemes and sizes PackIt is available in, but especially the more manly styles. New Pack It Insulated Lunch Bag

I also like that both of these new styles include zippers to keep everything safe and cold inside. The original lunch bag only has a velcro closure, however it has always kept the food cold. I do, however know that it was a common concern for people.

What I know is that PackIt bags work – they keep my kids’ lunches cold the entire day at school. They can even bring home their leftovers so they don’t waste food and saves me money. I see so much food that goes to waste at school cafeterias, it would make you sick! However, if you don’t have a PackIt, the food wouldn’t stay cool and would literally make you sick!

Is your child’s lunch bag clean?

A recent study showed that only about 45% of moms clean and disinfect their kids lunch boxes daily. This puts out kids at dangerous risk of contact with harmful bacteria.  Don’t think your kid’s lunch box has bacteria? Bacteria can be found from sandwich meats, fresh fruits and veggies. When this bacteria rubs onto the inside of your kid’s lunch box, the bacteria can multiple to dangerous levels.  It’s easy to clean with simple products like white vinegar with a paper towel or with baking soda.

Maybe it is time to start new with an insulated lunch bag from Pack-It. Find a store that sells PackIt near you or order online on the PackIt website or


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