Personalized, Bento-Style Lunch Boxes from Frecklebox

If you are like me and are intrigued by the idea of compact, clean, reusable, bento-style lunch boxes, then look no further! Ive got the skinny on some fantastic Yubo brand lunch boxes from the website Frecklebox.  These lunch boxes are loaded with features that will please kids AND parents, and you can’t beat the cute designs!

picture of Yubo Personalized Bento Style Lunch Boxes
Yubo Personalized Bento Style Lunch Boxes

Why My Girls Love Their Yubo Lunchboxes From Frecklebox

Why do my girls love their Yubo lunchboxes from Frecklebox?  2 words:  The designs!  Frecklebox has done a fantastic job of including designs to please all tastes and ages with these luchboxes.  My girls are 5 and 10, and pretty sure of what they like and dislike.  Each of them was able to find more than one pattern they really liked to design their custom lunchbox.  Oh yes, I said custom!  With Frecklebox, you can personalize your lunchbox with your name or initials.  No more guessing whose lunchbox is whose at school.

picture of Yubo Personalized Bento Style Lunch Boxes
Yubo Personalized Bento Style Lunch Boxes

My fifth grader loves how the containers that came with the lunchbox fit together like a puzzle – Japanese bento style (see Cindy’s post on bento meals here).  In fact, she’s been packing her own lunch quite a bit because she likes the look and organization of her new lunchbox from Frecklebox…score!

Yubo Lunchboxes from Frecklebox
Yubo Lunchboxes from Frecklebox

picture of Bento Style Lunch Box

My younger daughter loves her lunchbox just as much.  She likes how easy it is to pop off the side, which gives her quick access to all her lunch items.  She adores that her lunchbox is personalized with her name – that makes it extra special!

Yubo Lunchbox from Frecklebox
Yubo Lunchbox from Frecklebox
Personalized Lunchbox from Frecklebox
Personalized Lunchbox from Frecklebox

Why I Love My Daughters’ Yubo Lunchboxes From FreckleBox

  • Both lunchboxes are super cute!
  • Because the faceplates/sides are completely removable, they are wonderfully easy to clean, unlike the traditional lined lunchboxes that seem to attract all sorts of yucky stuff.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to get moldy looking stuff out of the corners of regular lunchboxes.  No more!
  • All but the faceplates are dishwasher safe too!
  • The faceplates are changeable.  If you child tires of a design, just replace the faceplates, and voila, you’ve got a new lunchbox!
  • The ice pack that comes with the lunchbox is well designed – it covers the entire surface of the lunchbox.  No more worrying if the ice pack is keeping everything cold enough.
  • The containers are built to fit the lunchbox – how easy is that?   My daughter’s larger thermos doesn’t fit in the footprint of the lunchbox, but that is not a daily use item for us, so it really is no big deal.
  • The lunchbox and containers are completely BPA, lead, and phthlalate free.
  • The sturdy containers and tough exterior = no more smashed lunch items!
  • The lunchboxes are completely recyclable!
Yubo lunchbox features
Yubo lunchbox features

Buy Personalized Yubo Lunchboxes From Frecklebox

Head to and check out all of the Yubo lunchbox options!  Frecklebox also carries all sorts of coordinating accessories for kids. They’ve got everything from growth charts to canvas wall art – all personalized for your special kiddo.  This site is a gift-giver’s paradise!

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Win A $40 Frecklebox Gift Card

Frecklebox is graciously providing a $40 gift card to their site to one lucky reader.  Enter to win!

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