Enjoy Sugar Free and Gluten Free Desserts without Guilt – #T1D Approved

Sugar free brownie dessert

Are you ready to enjoy a sugar free, gluten free dessert without the guilt? This isn’t a combination you get often. Usually dessert is laden with sugar, carbs, and calories.

I’ve found a fantastic line of easy-to-prepare desserts that your family is going to love like the delicious gluten free, sugar free chocolate fudge brownies pictured above! sugar free sans sucre

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Sans Sucre Sugar Free and Gluten Free Desserts

Let me introduce you to Sans Sucre, a company dedicated to providing sugar free, gluten free desserts that have all the flavor you love but without sugar or gluten!  My sister-in-law and nephew live a gluten-free lifestyle while both of my kids are type 1 diabetic. Getting together for parties can be tricky when it comes to food!  I’m so excited that I can prepare many different dessert options with Sans Sucre, including delicious choo0late and blondie brownies!

sugar free sans sucre

What I was most surprised about was how thick and high the Sans Sucre Chocolate Fudge Brownies rose. I’ve baked several different brands of gluten free mixes with little success.

Sugar free brownie dessert

Secondly, I was surprised at how decadent, moist and flavorful the brownies are!  San Sucre uses a rich European-style Dutch cocoa that gives these brownies a delicious chocolate flavor – we don’t miss the gluten or sugar in these sugar free, gluten free brownies. I like that it is made with Stevia, a natural sugar substitute too. Each brownie is about 22 carbs per serving compared to 30 carbs for ordinary brownies. Plus, there is 0 gram of sugar! (I added 1/4 cup pecans and a couple tablespoons of coconut to the brownies pictured below, so there is an additional few carbs per serving.)

Sugar free brownie dessert

The brownies are amazing but what I’m most excited about is the sugar free, gluten free mousses and pie fillings! There are many flavors to choose from to make countless kinds of low carb desserts.

sugar free sans sucre

My kids have been cooking with me since they were toddlers.  Now, they enjoy cooking in the kitchen on their own. These recipes are easy enough for kids of all ages to prepare, with help from mom for younger kids. Simply add milk to the mousse mix and blend for 5 minutes for fluffy, irresistible mousse.Sugar free low carb dessert

My kids love how the mousse fells to stir afterward too -it’s just so luscious. We can hardly wait to eat it although you have to chill in the fridge for 2 hours for best results.

The mousse is delicious alone but even more a treat when you add things like fruit or whipped cream! Each box offers suggestions for add-ins with each flavor, making it really fun and easy to customize your low carb dessert.

As a mom of two diabetics, being able to offer my kids a tasty dessert that is less than 5 carbs per serving is a huge blessing!

For instance, my son is growing – a lot – 1 inch over the last 2 months and counting.  Among other things, growth hormones really shoot up blood glucose levels for type 1 diabetics. My son has been running high for weeks which means we are eating low carb foods the majority of the time. This is difficult, very difficult.  We eat a lot of eggs, meat, nuts, olives, and other zero/low carb food when either child is high.  We are in this journey together, so the entire family eat low carb if one child has high blood sugar.

Desserts are out of the question when blood sugar levels are high. You have no idea how amazing it was to serve my family a tasty dessert of strawberry mousse last night at less than 5 g. carbs per serving last night, even though my son’s blood sugar was over 300!    Sugar free low carb dessert

Whether you have a type 1 or type 2 diabetic in your family or just want to enjoy a low sugar, gluten free dessert, you’ll love the options with San Sucre.

You can purchase San Sucre items online, including Amazon.com. Enjoy!

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