World’s #1 Pancake Griddle – Wonder Griddle

I was introduced to innovative products at the International Home Show. One of those products was the Wonder Griddle, the World’s #1 Pancake Griddle because of the unique design and even cooking. It cooks more than just perfect pancakes!

How do you cook on the World’s #1 Pancake Griddle – Wonder Griddle

How do you cook on the World’s #1 Pancake Griddle – Wonder Griddle? The Wonder Griddle cooks like a cast iron griddle, although it is light weight aluminum for easier handling and transporting. You can cook with this griddle on your stove top, indoor grill like mine, or outdoor grill. It is great for cooking at home, camping, and even tailgating!

picture of Wonder Griddle - World's #1 Pancake Griddle
Wonder Griddle – World’s #1 Pancake Griddle

Even though it is the World’s #1 Pancake Griddle for a reason – it cooks the fluffiest pancakes ever – you can cook virtually anything on it from eggs to burgers to steaks to mini pizzas to qusedillas. What makes it so impressive is it’s heat-circulating designs with 6 rounded edges, it actually cooks from the sides as the heat circulates and from the bottom. Plus, it is Made in the USA!

Wonder Griddle Review

Since the Wonder Griddle is the World’s #1 Pancake Griddle, I decided to use it to make pancakes first. I actually made the below apple and strawberry pancakes for my husband’s birthday. They may look lumpy but don’t let it fool you, adding fresh fruit to pancakes is the only way to go!

picture of Pancakes on the Wonder Griddle
Pancakes on the Wonder Griddle

For the first time ever, I was able to make enough pancakes for my entire family with one dish, the Wonder Griddle. Usually, I either use 2 skillets and have to keep the pancakes warm while I finish or I dirty 3 skillets to have enough pancakes for us to all eat at one time.

Plus, they were the best fluffiest pancakes I’ve ever made, they all cooked evenly – even though the griddle was a wee bit larger than my Indoor Grill. I was amazed!  The Wonder Griddle cooks food from the sides as well as the bottom, offering innovative heat-circulation. Never have to move items all over the griddle again to have your food cooked evenly.

It is also awesome at cooking fried eggs. You can easily cook 6 eggs and bacon at the same time which makes breakfast in my house for my family of 4.

picture of Cook 6 eggs and bacon at once on Wonder Griddle
Cook 6 eggs and bacon at once on Wonder Griddle

Or, fry 8 eggs at a time!

picture of Perfect fried eggs on the Wonder Griddle - World's #1 Pancake Griddle
Perfect fried eggs on the Wonder Griddle – World’s #1 Pancake Griddle

I’m so impressed by how evenly this griddle cooks a variety of foods. The 6 rounded edges make cooking easier and gives the special heat flow for the even cooking. My food has been cooked no matter where it was placed on the griddle and the food cooks evenly inside and out.

What makes it even better is the clean up. You can pop it in your dishwasher or just wash it clean. It cleans really easily because of the nonstick coating. I don’t need to use much cooking spray either because of the nonstick coating – saving calories!

Measures approx 18¾” X 12″ X 1″D (overall not including handles)

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Buy the Wonder Griddle

You can buy the Wonder Griddle on their website for a recently reduced price of just $49.99.

Special Offer for readers: Get the Wonder Gridle for just $39.95 – that’s $10 OFF! Follow this link, click on the ‘buy’ button (it will still say $49.95) and when you proceed to complete the order, it will change to $39.95.

The griddle will come in a shipping box that can be wrapped as a gift, or used to store the griddle

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Solutions who provided us with the products for review.

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