Kids Book on North America Animals – Curious Critters Review

picture of curious critters

My son is a total nature lover. When I came across Curious Critters, written by Ohioan David FitzSimmons, I knew my son would love it.  It is an absolutely gorgeous book for kids ages 4-8. Curious Critters is David FitzSimmons’ first children’s book, he also wears the hats of freelance photographer and a professor at Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio.

Curious Critters Review

Curious Critters is the first in a promised series of books by David FitzSimmons on North America Animals, with many found in Ohio.  This is perfect for kids that love animals and nature, like my kids.

I actually intended to review and then save this book for my son for Christmas since he is that into animals, however he found it beforehand in my office. He had the exact reaction that I knew he would. He was super excited flipping each and every page to check out all the creatures. We have since read every page multiple times!

picture of Curious Critters is a great animal lovers gift
Curious Critters is a great animal lovers gift

Each page is dedicated to one creature and the text is written from that creature’s perspective. For instance, the Ohio Crawfish explains why he waves his giant claws going Snap! Snap! Snap!

My son’s favorite, the Big Brown Bat pokes fun at the “gliding” squirrels on the opposite side of the page and boasts that he can really fly. He has a bit of an attitude demanding the reader to “stop looking and turn off the lights” because he needs his sleep!

picture of Curious Critters Southern Flying Squirrel and Big Brown Bat
Curious Critters Southern Flying Squirrel and Big Brown Bat

Although intended and enjoyed by kids, this is a book that the whole family will enjoy sharing together. The photography is absolutely amazing with large, detailed photographs that capture the beauty of each creature in excellent detail. I cannot get over the photographs. Flip through the book here to check them out yourself!

The intent of Curious Critters is to get your child interested in nature and animals so they turn off the TV and video games and get out into nature. This book is provides fun facts on creatures that most likely can be found as your child explores their backyard, local park, or nature trails.

The fun continues online where your child can send animal e-cards, download coloring pages and more.

Buy Curious Critters

As I said, I intended to give this to my son for Christmas. This book would make a fantastic animal lover gift. You can buy signed copy of  Curious Critters on the Curious Critters website for $19.95 and on


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