9 Classy Items to Add to Your Living Space

9 Classy Items To Add To Your Living Space

Wanting to inject a touch of class into your home? Whichever room you’ve got in mind, read on for a list of nine items and pieces of furniture that say ‘luxury’.

1.  Chandelier

Far more exciting than a standard lampshade from the local store. Some people worry that chandeliers cost more in the long run because of the extra lighting needed. To avoid this, go for one that is built around one single light bulb. One made my gems or crystals will do a great job of reflecting the light available anyway.


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2.  Velvet headboard

There is something so luxurious about the material velvet. If you feel like your bedroom is missing a special something, it could be a headboard. You could even make your own upholstered headboard.

3.  Four poster bed

A great alternative to a fancy alternative is a four poster bed. These beds are classy and grand. Do bear in mind that they take up extra room and tend to dominate the room. Consider if you have the room before investing. Add voile material or heavy curtains for a final touch.

4.  Chaise Longue

Sofas and armchairs are just so 2015! The chaise longue is where it’s at for a touch of class. Go for one that can be transformed for lots of different uses. These pieces of furniture are so versatile you can use them for sitting or lying on. Stack-able versions are also handy if you’re short of space. If you’ve got kids in your house and want to keep your chaise longue clean, go for one made from removable and washable fabric.

5.  An Ornate Rug

Cover wood or other hard floors with an intricately designed rug. Go to a local warehouse and see the different materials and designs in person. Take measurements with you to ensure you pick the right size and shape.

6.  Globe

Show your guests you inner traveler and adventurous spirit with a globe. You can even get some that can hold bottle and drinks containers inside! You can also get versions that have a light inside, so you can switch the globe on and use it as a light. The light will also make the smaller place names easier to read!


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7.  Typewriter

Release your inner Shakespeare with a typewriter. It doesn’t have to be a functioning one. Typewriter’s look great as ornaments, and your guests are sure to head over for a play around. This classy item doesn’t even have to expensive. You might be able to pick one up from a local charity shop or vintage market stall.

8.  Gramophone

Replace your standard record player or CD player with a gramophone. These are pretty rare these days, making them even more special. Yours will likely become a real talking point. Plus, it’s not just an ornament. It has practical uses too! Turn off the TV and play some old records.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/naturalbornstupid/4878474005/in/photolist-8r6smM-8r9zrN-8r9zJ9-bv96VJ-7Mt5fC-7njQbd-7njPMb-31Js1-vNA9A-7vfJKQ-7SA2Ws-7nfVPt-MtNDN-MtND3-5nRnaU-9sVVZ1-5YJnmm-76eC9r-kqHVNM-88SSTo-rUMG6L-88PE6R-gLMxoa-auTgHN-oszX76-4Vjv58-bDdreY-7vxwMB-6utEKz-6rdoWf-7AD9yf-b9D92T-aUgeJD-6twWVK-xDuFV-7vBmmC-aUgbD6-8GS4Nn-6vKaM7-xDuwh-t8H32r-6uf3u9-6vEAoR-6tB69u-7vBmbC-6uxQXo-6vJNwb-iRk5W-6c8ywU-MbsGyPhoto Credit Flickr

9.  Art

A fine piece of art is not only an incredible thing to have it the home. It might even increase in value in the future. Business Insider has a guide to buying your first big piece of art over on their website.

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