Before and After Pictures of Spring Cleaning My Messy Closet

Have you started your spring cleaning? With the mostly crummy weather we have had this Spring, I’ve tackled several projects and feel so good about it. I was selected to be a Fellowes Bankers Box Stackable Storage Ambassador last month when I received a boxes and a promotional item in order to tackle one of my Spring cleaning projects and share with you my results! I didn’t have plans to work on our storage closet located in our spare bedroom until I had this opportunity but boy am I glad I did it. Once I snapped photos to share with you, I was totally embarrassed at how out-of-control that closet got!

Spring Cleaning my Closet

I have found that if you don’t have the proper tools, it is hard to do anything from house remodeling to Spring cleaning. I’ve never heard of or used Fellowes Bankers Boxes before this project so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Normally, I used old cardboard boxes for storage or large plastic bins.  I wasn’t sure if the new boxes would make much difference but was happy to try them out.

Assembling the Fellowes bankers boxes was easy and even fun. My husband and I started putting them together in the living room. Soon enough, my kids came to help. It ended up being a familiar affair. They were so simple to put together that everyone could help.

What I really liked about the Fellowes bankers boxes is the see-through window on the side. This allows you to visually see what is inside the box – what a simple, yet genius idea!

Before and After Pictures of Spring Cleaning My Messy Closet

Another feature I really like are the handles on both ends of the boxes. They allow you to easily pickup, transport, and place the boxes where you need to with incredible ease. It is another simple feature that my old way of storage didn’t have. I also like the variety of shapes and sizes available for better organizing your space.

Before and After Pictures of My Messy Closet Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is never a pretty site. My closet wasn’t a pretty site either as you can see in my previous post with before pictures. In fact, my mom use to tell me that “to clean up, you gotta make a mess first,” and she was right. I had to completely take everything out of the overloaded boxes and bins and start over. As you can see below, it wasn’t a pretty site!

Closet Spring Cleaning with Fellowes Bankers Boxes
Closet Spring Cleaning with Fellowes Bankers Boxes

I couldn’t believe everything I found in that messy closet! We threw away bags of broken items and trash. We collected another box to pass on to my sister of beach towel and blankets that my kids have outgrown and another box to donate to Goodwill. I didn’t realize how out of control this closet really was.

We use this storage closet as a linen closet and storage area for miscellaneous items like light bulbs, humidifiers, baskets, and gift items I’ve found on sale! It wasn’t organized at all before as you can see with the below pictures. It really didn’t take as much time as I thought it would. I did it in 1/2 hour increments over the week, so it felt like no time at all.

Before and After Pictures of Spring Cleaning My Messy Closet


I sorted the linen items with the Fellowes bankers boxes so that there was one for each child’s bedding, throws, extra blankets, and pillowcases. Before organizing, it was difficult to sort through to find the right size sheets to put on any bed! Plus, I found bedding that didn’t even fit our beds anymore, to which I donated.

[slickr-flickr tag=beforeandafterbankersbox]

The cubbyhole in the corner had a falling down shelving system before the Spring cleaning. It really wasn’t sturdy and since it was on concrete and against our chimney, it can’t easily attach to the walls. We decided to take the shelving the rest of the way down and use the Fellowes bankers boxes instead. This worked out great. I rarely use the items in the boxes, so it is easily accessible, when needed. I like to buy items on sale and on clearance for future gifts. Now, they are all organized by girl gifts, boy gifts, baby gifts, and adult gifts. Plus, I have a box for light bulbs on top for easy accessibility.

[slickr-flickr tag=beforeandaftercubbybox]

What do you think? It is a big difference!  Now, we can access everything we need and easily see what is in each box. I feel so empowered now and am ready to tackle another project with Fellowes Bankers Boxes!!

Fellowes Messiest Closet Contest

Admit it, you have a messy closet or two as well. Do you think it is bad enough to win a consultation with a professional organizer from the National Association of Professional Organizers and $500 worth of free Bankers Box Stackable Storage products? That is what the first place winner of the Fellowes Messiest Closet Contest will win! There will also be 5  second place prize winners of $500 worth of product. You can enter the contest now on the Bankers Box Facebook page. All yo have to do is submit a picture of your messiest closet, get votes, and you could win!

Learn more about home organizing with Fellowes Bankers Boxes on the Fellowes website and on the Fellowes Bankers Box Facebook Page.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Fellowes Bankers Boxes. I received product samples and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

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