Bring Birding into Your Home Year-Round with Wild Republic Audubon Birds

Wild Republic Audubon Birds

One of my family’s favorite daily activity is bird watching. We have several bird feeders in our backyard and can watch up to 15 different types of birds at one time. Our feeders are near our dining room window, so it is always a topic during meals. My kids know all of the different kinds of birds. When we spy a new variety, we take out our Ohio Bird Pocket Naturalist Guide.

I surprised my kids with a new way to experience bird-watching, the Wild Republic Audubon Birds stuffed toys with real bird calls.

Wild Republic Audubon Birds

I received product to facilitate this post.

Wild Republic Audubon Birds are not simple stuffed animal toys to collect dust in your kid’s room. We are so impressed by the vivid colors and design of the birds. On top of that, each bird has its own unique and realistic bird song, provided by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Cornell has over 200,000 wildlife recordings that are crisp and clear.

We are having so much fun with the Wild Republic Audubon Birds. We like to take them outside with us so that we can figure out which birds we are hearing in the trees.  We know our backyard birds by name because we’ve studied our guides but we never knew what each bird sounded like until we welcomed the Wild Republic Audubon Birds into our homes. Some birds, like the Northern Cardinal and Blue Jay are easy to pick out by their songs.

Wild Republic Audubon Birds

Wild Republic Audubon Birds

It is fascinating to hear the various bird calls – each bird plays several sounds.  We now listen to the birds and talk back to them with our Wild Republic Audubon Birds. We now know the curious sounds of the American Goldfinch and Baltimore Oriole too.

Wild Republic Audubon Birds Wild Republic Audubon Birds

Who knows if our backyard birds think we are crazy or if they are confused. Either way, the birds enjoy our bird seed and we enjoy watching them and learning more about them.

If you would like to bring birding and bird-watching into your home- literally – I suggest you picking up a few Wild Republic Audubon Birds for your family.  It has been a really fun activity for my family. My kids are 9 and 11 but I’m sure younger kids will enjoy them just as much as well as your adult birding friends! This truly is a one-size-fits-all type of gift. Keep it in mind for Christmas gift-giving too.  You can find an excellent selection on the Wild Republic website or on

Continue your education and birding fun with the Audubon’s Bird Guide app, this award-winning app features over 800 North American species to observe, identify, and share posts and photos online.

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