Cedar Point Pet Chek Allows You to Travel with Your Dog Easily

Do you travel with your dog? Sometimes we do, other times we are rushing home from a day-trip in order to let our dog, Roxy out to go to the bathroom. We have tried asking friends and family to let her out to go potty and even took her to a kennel for a day trip, but that was expensive!

When we visit Cedar Point, we normally limit our day to 8 hours away so that Roxy can ‘hold it’ until we get home. Then, I noticed the Cedar Point Pet Chek.

Did you know that you can leave your dog with Cedar point Pet Chek all day while you ride the coasters? Choose from a variety of different size cages or run, depending on the size of your dog. We chose a larger run for Roxy during our last visit.


We could put Roxy alone or next to other Cedar Point friends, we chose to let Roxy be social during her visit.P1260215

The Pet Chek at Cedar Point is very convenient, located close to the entrance of the park. Simply drive to the Pet Chek, sign your dog in, then park your car. Since it is so close to the entrance, it is super easy to stop by and check on your dog during the day. We chose to stop by mid-way through the day to let her ‘go potty’ outside in the grassy lawn and took her for a short walk. This sure beats hoping she doesn’t leave a puddle or mess on the floor at home!P1260204

I received Pet Chek for the day for Roxy to facilitate this post.

I was so surprised to see that the Cedar Point Pet Chek is only $15 per day! Plus, they stay open for 1 hour after the park closes, so you don’t have to rush to pick up your dog. You can drop your dog off 1 hour before the gates open too.

For those who travel frequently with service animals, this ultimate guide to service animals could be a valuable resource to enhance your traveling experiences.

What a great service Cedar Point offers to families traveling with their dog or for those of us like my family who doesn’t want our dog home alone all day!

If you plan to check out HalloWeekends this month, bring your dog along!

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