Chatting about the Backyard Botanical Oasis Garden

picture of Raised Organic Garden

In my last gardening post, we had just planted our vegetable seedlings. During our Backyard Discovery sponsored Spring Picnic, I was not only able to let the kids enjoy the Patriot Playset but also show the ladies the Backyard Botanical Oasis Garden to my friends and family.

As a gardening nut, I was so excited to show the fantastic features of this garden and why I like it so much.

picture of Checking out Backyard Oasis Garden
Checking out Backyard Oasis Garden

The #1 important part of any garden in watering. What a hassle that can be! The Backyard Oasis Garden comes with 2 systems to help you with this chore.  The automatic watering controller and soaking hose is going to save you tons of time while keeping your plants happily watered.  There is also an attached coil hose located right inside the garden for easy watering.  We do not have this connected yet, however later this summer, we plan to bury a waterline that runs from the house to the garden. I can’t wait to use this time-saving feature.

picture of Raised Organic Garden
Raised Organic Garden

Some of the ladies ask if there were any benefits of it being a raised garden. This raised garden is a beautiful addition to any yard. It is so convenient to garden myself and with my kids with it raised, it is so accessible.

As far as being any better than a traditional in-ground garden, there are benefits of having a raised garden. When adding soil to a raised garden, that soil has a low bulk density. It is not compressed, it has better aeration, and easier to grow plants. The plants get better air circulation and moisture in raised gardens.  Plus, you can yield more produce per square foot with a raised garden and there is less weeding to do.

picture of Backyard Discovery Oasis Garden Compliments Playsets
Backyard Discovery Oasis Garden Compliments Playsets

Since Backyard Discovery has an assortment of wooden products including their playsets, Oasis Garden, swing sets, club houses, dog houses, and more, each item coordinates. I really like that each item is complementary to the other.  Each item is constructed of a pre-treated cedar wood. We decided to stain our playset last year for added protection and color. Even so, the two items look lovely next to each other. Most likely, I’ll stain the garden later this summer.

I do like that each items coordinates but I also like grouping them together. While the kids played during the party, we were able to chat about gardening. Having the playset and garden close helps all season long as they play, I can garden. 🙂

Buy Backyard Botanical Oasis Garden

Now is the time to plant your garden! You can buy the Backyard Botanical Oasis Garden on the Backyard Discovery website for $549, which includes shipping. Tell them AkronOhioMoms sent you!

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Backyard Discovery who supplied the product for review and the ongoing relationship with Check out the great selection of Wooden Outdoor Playsets, Wooden Backyard Sheds, Play Houses, Dog Houses, Gardens, Swing, Pergola, and Outdoor Accessories from Backyard Discovery at

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