Brighter Beginnings for 2014 with Less Chemicals #FinishMoms

My favorite part of the New Year is that it is the perfect time for new beginnings.  The combination of stuck inside so much this Winter because of the polar vortex and the New Year has given me the cleaning bug!  I have been cleaning out closets, decluttering, donating unused items, and power cleaning like it is Spring already. It is amazing how much grime you can find right under your nose, like on the kitchen cabinets, on shelves, and in untouched corners of your house – at least mine!

While cleaning, I’ve noticed many of my products have harsh chemicals. I have resolved to have brighter beginnings for 2014 by using less harsh chemicals in my home.  It is my responsibility to my family to keep us all safe. Overall, Americans use too many harsh chemicals that can negatively affect your family’s health.

Companies are taking note and coming out with better-for-you products that use less harsh chemicals. I have found some products don’t work as well as originals, so it is a day-by-day, product-by-product journey. One product that I have found this New Year that works just as well and with less harsh chemical is the new Finish® line of Power & Free products.

I am a member of the Finish Power & Free Alliance of Moms. This is a sponsored conversation, I received products and compensation.

Finish Power & Free with Less Chemicals

I took the Finish Challenge last year to clean 24-hour baked on food with Finish. I was sold on the Finish brand because of the results. This is one line of products that work as well as the previous versions, but with less chemicals that could potentially harm your family. Let’s face it, your kids are drinking for the glasses and eating off the plates you are washing in the dishwasher. What do you want them putting into their mouth? A product cleaned with harsh chemicals or one that was cleaned with less chemicals?


Apparently others have noticed the cleaning power of Finish too since it is now the #1 recommended dishwasher brand in the world! Finish has just released a new line of products this year that uses hydrogen peroxide to power away food messes and clean your dishes instead of chlorine bleach. As a Finish Mom, I have been able to test the new Finish Power & Free line of products and have had excellent results.

Watch this short video from the Finish YouTube channel to see how it works.

I have been using the Quantum® Powerball® Power & Free™ and Jet-Dry® Power & Free™ for the past month and have seen excellent results. Before switching to Finish about a year ago, my glasses were cloudy and spotted – and often I’d find food stuck on my dishes. Not now! Finish Quantum Power & Free is a convenient capsule that you just place in your dishwasher compartment and it does all the work for you. I love that it is a mess-free too!


It is a 3-chamber capsule that has everything it needs to provide sparkly clean dishes every time – even if you have well water like me! My husband was very inquisitive as to what each of the 3 chambers contained.  It is one pat advanced powder with Hydrogen Peroxide (instead of chlorine bleach), the red ball in the middle is a pr-soaking component that breaks down and lifts away food, and the power gel is what washes away all the food residue for a second-to-none shine!


Dishwasher Troubles?

Do you have Dishwasher Troubles? Check out the Finish Dishwasher Troubleshooter, it is a great resource for problems you have learned to live with.

I use to have spots and a cloudy film on all my glasses. I’ve heard there is nothing you can do because of my well water. This is not necessarily true, by using quality products like Finish rinse aid and Finish Quantum that provides up to 300ppm performance, it can take care of these problems, I’ve noticed a huge difference! I don’t have to live with nasty glasses that I have to clean and/or dry after they come out of the dishwasher anymore!


As a Finish Mom, I have had the opportunity to try these new Power & Free products first. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results and feel so much better about using them for my family’s health.

I challenge you to offer your family a brighter beginning in 2014 by using less harsh chemicals too. #CleanItForward and take the Power & Free challenge with a FREE Sample and Finish Coupons.

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