I Took the Finish Quantum with New Power Gel Challenge #FinishRiseandShine

Last week, I was given a challenge. It was a pretty big challenge from Finish to try their new Finish® Quantum® with New Power Gel. They didn’t want me to just try it, they wanted me to put it to the full test!  I was required to make a totally messy breakfast for my family, stick the dishes in the my dishwasher -without pre-rinsing- and leave it in the dishwasher all day, run it at bedtime, and rise and shine to clean dishes in the morning!  That is a pretty big challenge, don’t you agree?!  I love it when a company is so confident that they dare you to try it on the most extreme cases!

It just so happened that I was having my family over for brunch this weekend and had a line-up of messy food to prepare including Cinnamon Rolls, Meaty Stuffed French Loaf, and Spinach & Bacon Quiche. Don’t they look yummy!? (They were!)

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Finish Quantum with New Power Gel Challenge

Making the mess is 1/2 the fun of cooking, the other 1/2 is eating it. Cleaning up is never fun! In the past, I’ve used a variety of dishwasher detergents, some work better than others. My Amana Tall Tub Dishwasher cleans my dishes nicely but detergent does matter! I’ve never used the new Finish® Quantum® with New Power Gel, so I was excited to see how it would do – especially with messy, dried on dishes.

Back to the mess! I created a great challenge for Finish® Quantum® with New Power Gel as you can see with the below photos.

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Making cinnamon roll dough is a sticky mess, I used two of my KitchenAid mixing bowls as well as 3 utensils while making the dough. All were a ooey-gooey-stickey mess. I tried to get most of the dough off but that’s nearly impossible! I cooked up a pound of Italian sausage and hamburger for my Meaty Stuffed French Loaf recipe, which left a nasty, greasy skillet to clean. My mess also included the Wonder Griddle that I used to cook a full pound of bacon on my Kenyon indoor grill for my Spinach & Bacon Quiche recipe. It was a greasy mess! Added to the mix was as much as I could fit in the dishwasher as possible from preparing my breakfast meal and from dishes used throughout the day including plates with butter and peanut butter which are always hard to clean.

The Finish Quantum with New Power Gel packs are easy to use, simply place it in your dry dishwasher detergent compartment, close, and run. Although I waited all day to run my dishwasher! I like that there is no messy spills to worry about with the gel packs, just pop them in and you are done.

Finish Quantum with New Power Gel Review
Finish Quantum with New Power Gel Review

It was hard not to run the dishwasher all day because I knew everything was drying onto my dishes – and because I had another load to run from actually eating all day. However, I wanted to give the Finish® Quantum® with New Power Gel challenge the full challenge and left it all day.

Finish Quantum with New Power Gel Challenge Results

I couldn’t wait to see what my dishes were like in the morning. Honestly, I worried that the product wouldn’t live up to the challenge and wondered how to report the not-so-good results. Not to worry!  Not only did I rise and shine to not only a clean dishwasher load of dishes, but they even shinned more.  I really noticed this with my glass dishes, it seems that it took extra film off. Everything came out sparkling!

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Even though I use Affresh dishwasher cleaner regularly, my dishwasher does get discolored from my well-water in between cleanings. I could tell that the Finish Quantum actually even cleaned the inside of my dishwasher some too! That’s a bonus-bonus.

I am so glad that I took the Finish Quantum with New Power Gel Challenge because now I have a new product to use that I know won’t fail me in my daily dishwasher detergent needs. If it could clean my dried-on messy breakfast mess, it can clean anything.

How Finish Quantum with New Power Gel Works

Finish Quantum with New Power Gel Review

Finish Quantum with New Power Gel Finish works in even hard water because the pre-soaking Powerball penetrates and breaks down even dried on food.  The advanced powder with bleach tackles tough stains. The power gel quickly dissolves and washes away any residue on your dishes revealing a noticeable shine.

Finish Quantum with Power Gel was voted Product of the Year from Home Care and Finish Quantum with Baking Soda was voted Best New Dishwasher Detergent for 2013 by Better Homes and Gardens.

Free Finish Quantum with New Power Gel Sample

You can take the #FinishRiseandShine Challenge too by getting your free Finish Quantum sample here! Come back and share your experience with me and use the #FinishRiseandShine hashtag on the Finish Facebook page! Also, check out other user reviews and post your own!

More Dishwasher Tips

When I went to the Real Whirlled House trip last year, I learned so much about dishwashers including that you don’t need to pre-rinse dishes. You can find more tips, hints, and information on Finish products on  the Finish Dish Washing website. Find out tips on the right way to load your dishwasher (not like I loaded mine for this challenge – I just tried to get as much in as possible!), how to store dishwasher detergent, about saving water & energy, and more.

For even more help, check out Dishwashing Expert to learn how to get more out of your dishwasher, how to clean glass, ceramics, metals, plastics, & wood, and help with other dishwasher problems. For instance, do you have cloudy glassware? rusted cutlery? faded patterns, detergent residue? Find out all about this and more.

Buy  Finish Quantum with New Power Gel

You can buy  Finish Quantum with New Power Gel in Original, Lemon Sparkle, and Baking Soda at Target and Walmart nationwide as well as on Amazon.com.

This was a sponsored post. I was provided a sample and compensation to facilitate my review. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience.

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