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When I was young I was the oldest of 5 kids. Being the oldest and the only girl meant I had a lot of hats from a young age. It may have been hard but it really prepared me for motherhood. In raising my children I want to prepare them the best I can for being self sufficient upstanding members of society who don’t NEED Mom and Dad. I do this in a lot of ways but one of the most fun is getting them into the kitchen and Curious Chef is making it fun and safe!

curious chef sets with knives

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Age Appropriate Tasks

Kelton LOVES to eat, and at almost 10 years old I really want him to feel comfortable in the kitchen. I know the idea of giving your child a knife might terrify some of you. (Don’t worry I’m scared too.) It easy if you start small. Do things that are appropriate for your child’s age. For example: Kiernan (4) washes the potatoes, Kelton (almost 10) uses the peeler to peel them, then Mom cuts them. Knives by Curious Chef are made just for kids, these plastic nylon knives have serrated edges and blunt tips so kids can cut but it’s safe for little fingers! Still too much? Don’t worry let’s KISS it! Keep It Simple Safe! Start with something simple and safe, like root beer floats!

curious chef sets

Root Beer Floats and more….

With Curious Chef’s Ice Cream set gift bundle and 6 piece Root Beer Float Mug set, each child can scoop their own ice cream and then add their own whipped cream and sprinkles! These types of tasks are great for building a child’s confidence in themselves and in their abilities. Working on hand/eye coordination and some strength depending on how hard your ice cream is! We invited some friends over and let the kids get too work. For those that don’t like floats we still had bowls of ice cream for them! The kids love the bright colors and loved that everything color coordinated. 🙂 One color for each child!

scooping icecream

I loved watching the kids figure it all out. You can almost see their little minds hard at work. They each loved picking their sprinkles and Kelton loved being the big kid scooping Ice Cream. Here’s a tiny video of their handiwork.

Where to Buy Curious Chef Products for your Kids?

In addition to buying directly off of Curious Chef’s website they are available at Target, ToyrRus, BuyBuyBaby, Kohls, Bed Bath and Beyond.

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