When to Plant Mums in Ohio: Beautifying Your Home for Fall


Mums, with their vibrant hues and lush petals, are the tell-tell signs that it’s fall in Ohio. As a favorite among many homeowners looking to freshen up their gardens and front porches, the question often arises: when is the best time to plant mums in Ohio?

The Beauty of Mums

Mums, or Chrysanthemums, are known for their radiant shades of red, yellow, orange, purple, pink, and white. Their blooms create an instant aura of warmth and coziness, perfectly capturing the essence of fall. Whether you’re preparing for an autumn gathering and you want to spruce up your gardens or front porch or if you are like me and a little sad that the flowers of summer have faded and that means a long winter is ahead, mums are the easy solution!

When to Plant Mums in Ohio
When to Plant Mums in Ohio

When to Plant Mums in Ohio

While mums are available at garden centers from late summer to early fall, when to plant mums in Ohio for the best longevity and bloom is crucial. Ideally, if you’re planting perennial mums (those that come back every year), it’s best to plant them in the spring to early summer. This allows them ample time to establish their roots before the colder months.

However, if you’ve missed the spring planting window, don’t worry! You can still plant mums in early fall, but be aware that they may not survive the winter, treating them as annuals. If you want to enhance your outdoor spaces for a particular occasion or season, this can be the perfect solution.

Annual vs. Biennial (Perennial) Mums

This brings us to an essential distinction: the difference between annual and biennial (more commonly referred to as perennial) mums. Annual mums are planted for a single season’s beauty. They’re typically those late bloomers purchased in full splendor during the fall. I’ve found that the mums that I often find in the fall are annuals and cheaper than the ones for sale in the spring, so that makes me feel better knowing they probably won’t come back next year. That being said, I’ve had plenty of mums that were supposed to be ‘annuals’ that decided to hang around another season. This normally happens if we have a mild winter or if I cover the mums with leaves at the end of the season.

On the other hand, perennial mums can be enjoyed year after year if planted and cared for correctly. When planting these, it’s crucial to ensure they’re planted at the right time (again, spring to early summer in Ohio) and provided with proper care to increase their chances of winter survival.

Freshen Up Your Spaces with Mums

Planting mums is a quick and easy way to refresh your garden, front porch, or patio. Consider placing them in decorative pots or integrating them into your existing garden beds. Paired with pumpkins, hay bales, or corn stalks, mums can create a festive and welcoming atmosphere for all who pass by or visit your home. We usually goto Heritage Farms Pumpkin Pandemonium Peninsula Ohio Fall Festival to buy our front porch decor. I’m going to take my own advice and add a few beautiful mums to my front door this year.

So, the short answer if you are pondering when to plant mums in Ohio is NOW if you are reading this post at time of publishing, September. Just keep in mind the distinctions between annual and perennial mums and adjust your planting time accordingly next year.

Happy Fall!

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