How I Keep My Family Healthy and Clean While Out and About

I have messy kids and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m the mom that doesn’t care if her kids play in the dirt, sand, paints, or if they pick up worms or salamanders. I feel like kids should be aloud to be kids and have fun. But, I always rely on great laundry products to get the stains out and Wet Ones to clean their hands while we are out and about exploring! That is why I’m super excited to be a Wet Ones Ambassador for the next year!

Wet Ones clean dirt and germ from hands, including 99.99% of bacteria.  I like that Wet Ones don’t try out your skin, especially during the winter when kids tend to get dry hands. I keep Wet Ones on me at all times, in my purse, in the glove compartments in our cars, in our pool bag – everywhere.

We went shopping as a family earlier this week for Christmas presents. Afterwards, we stopped for dinner at a restaurant. We were all starving so luckily I had a pack of Wet Ones with me to clean our hands right before digging into the sweet bread rolls! I like Wet Ones so much better than just using a hand sanitizer because you can actually wipe away dirt and grime from your hands – in addition to any lingering germs.

Keep Wet Ones with you for dining out
Keep Wet Ones with you for dining out

My Black Friday Shopping Experience

Today is Black Friday. I went shopping today but not at 1am! I actually went shopping to prepare for Thanksgiving meal #2 that I will be preparing on Sunday for 17 people. We had 12 people over for dinner yesterday on Thanksgiving! So, my kids and I headed to the grocery store and did a tiny bit of Black Friday Shopping this morning at BJs and Target.  We brought Wet Ones with us, as always. Take a walk with me through our day.

First, we headed to Target for a few deals. They were all out of sanitizer wipes – probably because of the masses of crowds that started on Thanksgiving night!  I cleaned down our cart handle with Wet Ones. I always clean shopping cart handles because 72% of shopping cart handles have traces of fecal matter.

Afterwards, we stopped for tacos and cinnamon twists. We washed our hands with Wet Ones before eating and again afterwards to get all the cinnamon and sugar off our hands. It was a mess!

Next, we headed over to BJs for a little Christmas shopping and grocery shopping for the stuffing, orange cranberry relish, peas & carrot gravy, and carrot souffle that I’ll be preparing for Sunday. Again, there were no sanitizer wipes. My 5 year old wanted to ride in the kids car cart, I know they are filthy but my kids have always loved them, so I still let my daughter.  Again, I pulled out my Wet Ones to clean the cart handle and the kids car steering wheels, seats, and doors.  Yes, don’t forget the seats because kids that wear diapers sit in those seats and accidents happen!

Afterwards, I filled my car up with gas – and again washed my hands with Wet Ones afterwards to get rid of germs and the stinky smell of gasoline!

So, as you can see, there are many places and ways to use Wet Ones, even just during a 2 hour shopping trip! I use Wet Ones because I want to keep my family healthy and clean. I prefer Wet Ones over hand sanitizers because they work better. They actually wipe away germs, dirt, and messes from your hands with generous sized wipes – hand sanitizers don’t.

As you can see, I am a true believer in Wet Ones for keeping my family healthy and clean while out and about. I’m so excited to share with you more about Wet Ones this coming year. 🙂

Buy Wet Ones

You can buy Wet Ones at Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens, and a variety of retailers nationwide for $.99 – $2.99.  You can buy handy 15 count travel wipes to keep in your purse or diaper bags. Or buy the handy 15 count canister for the car (fits in your car cup holder) or at home with you. They even offer single use packets (24 count per box) to pack in a lunch box or in your pocket.

I wrote this review while participating in an Ambassador Program for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Wet Ones. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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